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Björk - Live @ Parque Bicentenario Ciudad de México, August, 17th (17-08-2019) [Yoshi Rivas] - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - https://www.mediafire.com/file/29y2u3k4ddcvr4v/ - Björk:
Live @ Parque Bicentenario Ciudad de México,
Saturday, August, 17th (17-08-2019) [Yoshi Rivas]

01. Méxican Choir Rehearsing Future Forever (12-08-2019)
02. Soundcheck [1] (15-08-2019)
03. Soundcheck [2] (15-08-2019)
04. Family (Intro)
05. The Gate 
06. Utopia
07. Arisen My Senses
08. Show Me Forgiveness
09. Venus As A Boy
10. Claimstaker
11. Isobel
12. Blissing Me
13. Body Memory
11. Flute Solo (viibra flutes)
12. Body Memory
13. Hidden Place
14. Mouth’s Cradle
15. Features Creatures
16. Courtship
17. Pagan Poetry
18. Losss
19. Sue Me
20. Tabula Rasa

Greta Thunberg - Message

21. Future Forever
22. Notget

björk facebook statements:

4 August at 09:57 · 
#cornucopia tour merch is available online now over at bjork.lnk.to/cornucopiamerch - https://www.facebook.com/bjork

6 August at 08:23 · 
it is time to show you another song visualised by the overwhelmingly talented Tobias Gremmler ..... noone captures digital sensuality like him , elegant and expressive !!!! this is made for the multiple screens of cornucopia and we share it all here on 1 for your laptop screen ... we based the visuals on the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist , when i recorded this i tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them in the left speaker and a higher optimist in the right . and if you listen on headphones it will match the imagery .....
losss will be premiered at 6pm GMT today : https://bjork.lnk.to/youtube

12 August at 11:17 · 
excited to announce that the special #cornucopia live show europe tickets are available now ! a new date has been added to the last cornucopia show in mexico we will have a general admission ticket : looking forward to seeing you !
mexico — https://bjork.lnk.to/mexico19
belgium — https://bjork.lnk.to/cornucopiabelgium
luxembourg — https://bjork.lnk.to/cornucopialuxembourg
london — https://bjork.lnk.to/cornucopialondon
glasgow — https://bjork.lnk.to/cornucopiaglasgow
dublin — https://bjork.lnk.to/cornucopiadublin

14 August at 07:00 · 
thank you mis sao paulo for hosting björk digital for the first time in brazil !! we have just confirmed new dates for the exhibit , coming soon to rio, belo horizonte and brasilia ... hope lots of you can make it , and for those that can’t , the exhibit features lots of content that you will be able to see on vulnicura VR ... also coming soon 

1 hr · 
utopia is so much about birdsong and sonically the mutation between synth/bird , bird/flute , flute/synth ....... air like that was a theme through all of the album . so i got very excited when i found these handmade wooden flutes imitating precisely particular birds . and i guess wanted you guys to have an opportunity to share that with me ........ enjoy !!!
warmthness ,
pre-order : https://bjork.lnk.to/utopiaboxset

Björk is at The Shed.
2 June · thank you new york - see you soon mexico city ! - björk - https://www.facebook.com/bjork
9 hrs · 
thanks for tonight CDMX !
photos by Santiago Felipe // orchid dress & flute costumes by Balmain couture // white "sphaera" dress by Iris van Herpen // headpieces by James Merry // makeup by Hungry - Björk
9 hrs · 
i am so thrilled to be performing with the magnificent CDMX choir STACCATO !!!! Staccato Coro Universitario UNAM MX - Björk
Yesterday at 02:34 · 
thanks for tonight ! - 
22 August at 20:31 · 
thank you so much mexico for the wonderful reviews of the cornucopia residency in cdmx !! ????
bjork.lnk.to/mexico19 - Björk
5 hrs · 
cornucopia cdmx : 27th august - björk - Björk
7 hrs · 
thanks for last night cdmx ! - https://www.facebook.com/bjork - björk @ viibra flutes
Last show in CDMX tonight. Gracías Mexico <3 -="" bj="" bjarnadottir="" by="" choreography="" cornucopia="" flutesrock="" font="" magga="" rk="" utopia="">https://www.instagram.com/bjork/
16h - 'flutes rock' !! - björk, (30-08-2019) - Björk
2 September at 18:08 · 
we are happy to announce that we are adding new dates to the #cornucopia europe tour : see you soon stockholm , oslo and copenhagen ! sign up to our newsletter to get presale access to tickets on wednesday 4th september 10am CEST , general sale friday 10am CEST
pre-sale access : bjork.lnk.to/signup - Björk
3 September at 19:05 · 
i am so happy to share finally the complete version of vulnicura VR with all the songs now available in one place - it is a digital home for all the virtual reality videos we made , and will be released this friday 6th september
the VR videos have been touring museums around the world as part of the Björk Digital exhibition , but now that it is possible to put them all out on an accessible gaming platform available to everyone , i am thrilled for people to be able to download them in their own home
vulnicura VR has been a long journey which started when me and Andrew Thomas Huang started talking about how we wanted to document "stonemilker"
we then filmed it on a 360 camera on a beach in iceland in november 2014 . we werent sure how to share it because of how few owned VR headsets . we started by putting a dozen of headsets in Rough trade record shops in brooklyn and bethnal green and got really good reactions . i then got offered to do an exhibition in sydney and by june 2016 we brought headsets there with "stonemilker" , "notget" and "mouth mantra" and then adding live performance of "quicksand" with AR for tokyo july 2016 . the exhibition then travelled to london , montreal and reykjavík in the autumn where we added "black lake" and "family" . it has also been to los angeles , mexico city , houston , barcelona , moscow , poznan , buenos aires , bogota and it is currently travelling between 4 cities in brazil
the whole process has been an improvisation , trying to keep faith in formats . it is too easy for musicians to turn pessimistic after cds have evaporated but i wanted to try to have courage to grow along with how 360 sound and vision tech was growing . with every challenge try to turn it into an additional gift for the ideology in the music . these 7 VR videos are done with 6 different companies , 4 softwares 6 different directors . early in this journey it became obvious that the process for great 360 sound mastering did not exist so we had to invent our own on the way .... there were dozens of other similar challenges ......
i am someone who absolutely loves music and gets so moved by the sensation of it . when andy proposed filming stonemilker on the beach it was perhaps him tapping into how spatial and connected to nature my songs are . i wrote that song , walking on the same beach and filming it in 360 and sharing it in surround sound seems the most natural way to invite my listeners humbly into my music .
the themes for the digital animations were a collaborations of mine with James Merry and i would like to thank him for being my co-pilot for the visual art direction for this whole thing . he is so enormously talented and has had the patience to listen to my endless tales about the psychology and the sensation of healing through my most difficult album to write to date : my heartbreak album . it came to my surprise how metaphysical and "selfhelpy" heartbreak-healing really is . there is a reason why mankind has talked about broken hearts for aeons . you physically feel as a part of your body has fallen apart , has been torn off . there literally is a chestwound that is sown together and healed . when i first was watching VR in 2014 , the way i recognized it´s strengths and weaknesses seem to match the album i had in my hands perfectly . when you put the headset on , it is very isolating . heartbreak is . it also gives an escapist relief . which heartbreak needs . but there is also a hidden quality i personally think is going to be the most unexplored in the future , the healing potential of VR . the amount of crying that was done into the headsets in sydney convinced me and james that we were on the right track , this was something people were experiencing on a visceral level .
biophilia was educational , made partially for music schools and the touchscreens/ipads were perfect for this . when i first tried touchscreen in 2006 i felt i could finally share my 3d musicology . it offers opportunity to expand on the book , and things that are spatial and desperately need three dimensions in teaching like music , physics , math and more benefit from this .
VR is different , i personally feel its biggest strength is how penetrative it is physically . it is not a coincidence it was embraced by the porn industry . but the ways it can be very healing is for example in training damaged brain channels , neurology . and i feel it has extremely high potential for all things metaphysical , will probably excel in yoga , meditation , voice teaching , and all of the selfhelpy arts . because it is a very powerful extension of our body . if touch screen was our 3d book , this is our 3d body . our prosthetic aura we can fill with the air we want to be there ............
i would like to thank andrew melchior for setting up teams and introducing us to a plethora of tech
and all the directors to be up for this experiment , andy thomas huang , Jesse Kanda , nick thornton jones and warren du preez , inez & vinoodh, our japanese collaborators : dentsu and Rhizomatiks . and stephen malinowski for his wonderful 3d notation animations
also Mandy Parnell - Mastering Engineer and martin korth who pioneered our own take on the 360 mixing and mastering with me , solving and programming endless solutions
chris pike and chris elms were divine engineers on this
profound thanks to Analog for going above and beyond in building this umbrella app to house everyone's work
and also to Avid Pro Tools and Audiokinetic
i hope you enjoy this ......
as always i am grateful for your interest
björk - 
14 hrs · 
to celebrate the #vulnicuravr album release on friday we will be holding a pop-up arcade viewing event , tomorrow in london at 19:45 !
our mailing list got the first chance to reserve a spot, but we have held the last 6 tickets to give away to our social media followers
how to enter : tag someone you'd like to bring to this event
we will pick the winners and announce on each platform , 2 tickets will go on twitter , 2 on instagram and 2 on facebook
hope to see you there ! - björk - https://www.facebook.com/bjork

videos courtesy of youtube users yoshi rivas, @ https://www.youtube.com/user/himynamesyoshi + ULISES CORTÉS, @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSGfTkAIUjacFNDiV2BtGg + rafael peralta, @ https://www.youtube.com/user/rprubio82 + luis peralta, @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ozdSyjn7dQ + https://www.instagram.com/

photos courtesy of http://www.bjork.com/ + http://www.bjork.fr/ + https://www.instagram.com/viibraflutes/ https://www.instagram.com/katiebuckleyharpist/ + méxican soprano, fernanda allande, @ https://www.instagram.com/ferlaespiral/ + estelle rochard, @ https://www.instagram.com/estelle.rochard/ + zona zero @ https://www.facebook.com/MxZonaZero/ + https://www.instagram.com/

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @
http://www.bjork.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bjork https://www.youtube.com/user/bjorkdotcom
https://twitter.com/bjork https://soundcloud.com/bjork https://plus.google.com/+bjork

compiled together & re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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