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Björk - Live @ We Love Green Festival, Bosque de Vincennes, Paris, France, Sunday, June, 3rd (03-06-2018) - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ We Love Green Festival, Bosque de Vincennes, Paris, France,
Sunday, June, 3rd (03-06-2018)


01. Arisen My Senses *
02. The Gate *
03. Utopia *
04. Blissing Me *
05. Isobel *
06. Courtship *
07. Human Behaviour *
08. Tabula Rasa *
09. Pleasure Is All Mine *
10. Wanderlust *
11. Features Creatures * (Merci Bien , ! ... Ça va !!)
12. Losss *
13. Sue Me
14. Notget *

show review:

From the beginning of the concert, the "post-apocalyptic" lushness of this nature comes alive to make appear in a rotating amphitheater of greenery or in the heart of a flower opening its red and gold petals, the instrumentalists creatures whose breath musical color of this new album. A group of seven Icelandic flutists conducts the essentials of a repertoire that promotes mutant wildlife in harmony with the flora. Choreographed by Margret Bjarnadottir, the ballet of these musicians, accompanied by a harpist, a percussionist (the faithful accomplice Manu Delago) and an electronics technician, follows the tempo of a Björk transformed into a woman-flower bird-woman or insect-woman, according to the interpretation of her dress and her mask. The world
In fourteen tracks chained relentlessly, in the form of the most enchanting sound and light completed in apotheosis on a Notget Dantesque with its synthetic strings and superb choruses, Björk leaves the viewer pleasantly sounded. Or rather awake after having plunged into a delicious dream, as sensitive as militant, of a summer night. "Child, my dream was to live alone, on an island, surrounded by nature, surrounded by birds," confided the singer last fall. It was in this dream to share that she invited us for a night. 
Among the moments of absolute magic, the one where on the screen appears an orange cloud, exactly similar to the one above the stage. Björk has all the power, even that of matching his hallucinating scenography with the hazardous beauty of the landscape. The delicacy of the orchestrations, the preserved juvenility of this mistress of the elements, the impression of floating in the unreal for an hour, all this largely offsets the absence of choruses to resume in chorus. It is confirmed that Björk is no longer a singer, but an installation of contemporary art in motion. The Inrocks
During a visual and musical show, where a naturalistic scenography mixed with an organic pop, the star flew over this Sunday, interpreting the radical, almost mystical compositions of his latest album "Utopia". Grace, fantasy and a spectacle of rare poetry, sublimated by an airy voice, sometimes whispered, sometimes pushed to the extreme. The echoes
Technical as well as scenic challenge, this sensual and meditative show, a priori more suited to the setting of a closed room type Pleyel or Philharmonie of Paris than an open space and open air, has nevertheless fulfilled all its promises. Release
His only concert in France this year opens with a manifesto that presents his idea of ??utopia - in reference to the name of his latest album. It is an idealist world, resolutely green, where harmony reigns between the human and the nature. Evidenced by its scenography, hallucinatory, a scale rare for a festival. Liana of flowers and giant flowers rub shoulders around a thick and shifting mass of plants, revealing flutist nymphs, in a remarkable ballet of sweetness. Björk punctuates his concert with primitive, natural sounds, songs of birds or buzzing of insects. Back stage, she projects extracts of clips, animal reports or images of the future - one knows it sensitive to the VR. She is in the role of the inveterate optimist - she wants us to become aware of the dramatic consequences of climate change. Magic

'spectacular !! 'splattered light beams into prisms' multi-coloured rainbow laser/light show beautiful'

26 mins · 
thanks for tonight ! welovegreen festival
dress by kevin germanier
photos by santiago felipe - björk -

björk, bapsi, and my fellow flutist áshildur, performing as kids ! reykjavík, iceland, (1976) all these years later we are back together on stage in paris tonight !!! - björk - - björk -

audio courtesy of other youtube users. - merci bien , ! ... Ça va !! - björk .

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viibra flutes: this amazing viibra is one of iceland’s best composers, and flutists. what is her name? Þuríður.
who is this gorgeous fairy? melkorka
who is this mysterious viibra lady? berglind.
what is the name of our youngest? björg.
another viibra beauty, who is it? áshildur haraldsdóttir
do you know this amazing beauty? she is a viibra, but what is her name? emilia. - 'viibra'
do you know our magical viibra who hides in a flower? steinunn.

'björk's utopian flute septet'

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

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