Thursday, 14 June 2018

Björk - Live @ Terme di Caracalla Baths, Just Music Festival, Rome, Italy, June, 13th (13-06-2018) [Canceled] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ Terme di Caracalla Baths, Just Music Festival, Rome, Italy,
June, 13th (13-06-2018) [Canceled]

00. Nature & Destiny Came In & I Think It's All For A Reason Somehow (13-06-2018)
01. Arisen My Senses (Canceled)
02. The Gate (Canceled) 
03. Utopia (Canceled)
04. Blissing Me (Canceled)
05. Isobel (Canceled)
06. Courtship (Canceled)
07. Human Behaviour (Canceled)
08. Tabula Rasa (Canceled)
09. Pleasure Is All Mine (Canceled)
10. Wanderlust (Canceled)
11. Features Creatures (Canceled)
12. Losss (Canceled)
13. Sue Me (Canceled)
14. Notget (Canceled)
15. Anchor Song (Canceled)

info: björk, canceled the show due to lightning storms. where ever björk, goes on tour the weather is a ever changing factor. trump !! sign the paris climate agreement .

she wore a gucci shimmering purple/plum sequin costume + gold 'björchid' facepiece'

'exquisite björk + electrical storms'

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viibra flutes: this amazing viibra is one of iceland’s best composers, and flutists. what is her name? Þuríður.
who is this gorgeous fairy? melkorka
who is this mysterious viibra lady? berglind.
what is the name of our youngest? björg.
another viibra beauty, who is it? áshildur haraldsdóttir
do you know this amazing beauty? she is a viibra, but what is her name? emilia. - 'viibra'
do you know our magical viibra who hides in a flower? steinunn.

'björk's utopian flute septet'

'utopia' "it's an emergency" intro videos courtesy of instagram user folcoclof. + youtube user Bix A.

"it's an emergency. in order to survive as a species we need to define our utopia. we have to immagine something that doesn't exist, carve intentionally into the future and demand space for hope, weave a matriarchal dome. let's imagine a world where nature and technology collaborate. let's write music for our destination. in mythologies around the world, after a disaster one captures the spirit with a flute and starts anew. our past is on loop, turn it off. let's be intentional about the light. imagine a future. be in it."

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

compiled together & re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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