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KUKL - Live @ Rokk Arnir, Ríkisútvarpíð (RÚV) Icelandic Television, (1986-04-xx) [Split] - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - K.U.K.L - Rokk Arnir - Live @ Ríkisútvarpíð (RÚV) Icelandic Television (1986-04-xx) [Split]

Remastered video and audio, the best version of the legendary Icelandic television performance!

01. Söngull [Song] {Dismembered} 00:30
02. Í gegnum gluggann [Through The Window] {France (A Mutual Thrill)} 05:11
03. Enginn heima [No One Home] {Critical Mass/Masse Critique} (orignally by The Elgar Sisters) 08:09
04. Hér koma börnin [Here Are The Kids] 12:18
05. Falleg [Beautiful] 14:40
06. Hvar ertu [Where Are You] {Assassin} 17:48

"Icelandic television made a KUKL special in 1986, it was re-broadcast on 15.4.94. This program supposedly created some uproar in Iceland over Björk's naked, very pregnant belly. A short snip was shown on a Björk special on Norwegian TV show "U" (KUKL doing 'Söngull') 8.12.93."

"This appearance famously depicted a very pregnant Björk flailing about the stage with armpits unshaven and bare belly exposed. Björk's performance sparked a minor controversy. An elderly woman who happened to be watching reportedly suffered a heart attack as a result; a few other wrote angry letters to the local newspaper, complaining that there was something inherently distasteful about an uncovered pregnant stomach. To the rest of the nation, it was a non-event. That live television appearance, bulging belly and all, was to be KUKL's swansong."

"Björk discovered she was pregnant with Þór's child.
She, being a mere teenager herself, considered not keeping it, even though she was ecstatic by the doctor's message - but she let her female intuition rule and decided to keep it after all.

That was no hinder for KUKL though. Björk carried on as usual, and being 7 months pregnant, playing live on the television with her big and healthy stomach sticking out was enough to give an old lady a heart-attack! She survived and sued Björk, basing her case on that it was ugly to be pregnant!

Björk claims that if you think such a natural and beautiful thing is ugly, you have only yourself to blame for getting a heart-attack."

Quote from Björk: "I shaved my eyebrows, I was very pregnant and I exposed my belly on a TV show, performing in my band KUKL, a jazz punk thing. One woman had a heart attack while she was watching and sued me. Fortunately, she lost!"

re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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