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Björk - Live @ Tbilisi Concert Hall, SOU Festival, Georgia, October, 31st (31-10-2017) [Partial] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ Tbilisi Concert Hall, SOU Festival, 
31st October, (31-10-2017) [Partial] [Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra] 


01. Stonemilker * (31-10-2017)
02. Lionsong * (31-10-2017)
03. History Of Touches (31-10-2017)
04. Black Lake * (31-10-2017)
05. Family (31-10-2017)
06. Notget * (31-10-2017)
2nd Encore:
07. Aurora (31-10-2017)
08. I’ve Seen It All * (31-10-2017)
09. Jóga (31-10-2017)
10. Pagan Poetry * (31-10-2017)
11. Bachelorette * (31-10-2017)
12. Quicksand (31-10-2017)
13. Mouth Mantra (31-10-2017)
14. Anchor Song * (31-10-2017)
15. Pluto * (31-10-2017)

show info: 
There are only a few days before Fashion Week Tbilisi kicks off, and Björk has arrived in the Caucasus nation’s capital to perform at the SOU Festival with the Georgia Philharmonic orchestra. Though she is booked for a three-day engagement, the Icelandic singer has already found time to salute local designers : Last night, she wore a fantastic, layered pink floral crown by Georgian artist Irma Sharikadze of the label Irma de Flore, pairing the headgear with a pink blouse and matching trousers by Central Saint Martins graduate Peter Movrin. Sharikadze, a dead ringer for Frida Kahlo, is well known for her intricate embroidery and use of rich fabrics. “I could not have imagined a better muse,” she told Vogue. “I am simply honored and delighted.”
Björk’s choice to sport one of Sharikadze’s over-the-top headpieces is quite in character for the singer. After all, she is synonymous with wild looks—her iconic swan dress at the 2001 Oscars—and has already worn a range of outré stage costumes during her short time in Tbilisi. In addition to her outfit by Sharikadze and Movrin, Björk also donned an otherworldly headpiece by James Merry, a favorite designer of hers, along with a red Valentino dress. With two days left in Tbilisi, let’s see if she spotlights another Georgian designer before taking off.
« It was amazing. I think it‘s one of my favourite places I‘ve been to,” she says. “It‘s so strange to be in a country with a European culture that’s so strong, and to know nothing about it. » The Reyjavik Grapevine

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