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Björk - Live @ FYF Festival, Exposition Park, Main Stage, California, Los Angeles, USA, Friday, 21st July, (21-07-2017) [Francisco Cotapos] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live In Concert @ FYF Festival,
Exposition Park, Main Stage, California, Los Angeles, USA,
Friday, 21st July, (21-07-2017) [Francisco Cotapos]


01, Stonemilker * (21-07-2017)
02. Lionsong * (21-07-2017)
03. Come To Me * (21-07-2017)
04. Jóga * (21-07-2017)
05. Unravel * (21-07-2017)
06. Mouth’s Cradle * (21-07-2017)
07. You’ve Been Flirting Again * (21-07-2017)
08. Isobel * (21-07-2017)
09. Bachelorette * (21-07-2017)
10. Wanderlust * (21-07-2017)
11. Notget * (21-07-2017) (Pyro)
12. Mouth Mantra * (21-07-2017)
13. Quicksand (21-07-2017)
14. Mutual Core * (21-07-2017)
15. Hyperballard * (21-07-2017) (Pyro)

a lot of hard work has been put into this live bootleg ! (relentlessly restless) by the team monkeys @ packed full of tour photo's some are super high resolution !! it's taken 4+ day's to make this epic live bootleg and is perhaps again like ceremonia festival concert this one is one of the biggest live festival's with pyros firework's, fire, new remixes, new headpiece/dress that win's all award's period. + visuals that björk has done since 'vulnicura' tours began. + for the first time ever the icelandic/nordic pop warrior played the masterfully visually stunning 'vulnicura' music video 'notget' (VR) on the big LED backdrop !! hope you enjoy this one folk's !! [björk is pure music/sound] fertile warmthness , ! ...www.folk's .

Show Info: Nature met technology in Björk’s performance Friday night at FYF Fest, which had the Icelandic singer flexing her remarkable voice — a one-of-a-kind marvel no algorithm could devise — against a backing of live strings and clattering machine beats.
Wearing a lime-green face mask and a dress that made her look like a living party streamer, Björk sang material from throughout her expansive catalog — including hits like "Jóga" and "Bachelorette" as well as material from her 2015 album "Vulnicura" — while behind her, a giant video screen showed images of birds dancing and a moth laying eggs.
Occasionally, Arca, the Venezuelan producer with whom Björk made "Vulnicura," would unload a fusillade of harsh digital noise. But then the singer would reach for a high note and remind you of the flesh and blood onstage and in her songs. latimes

[recorded by francisco cotapos]
HD 1080p footage by youtube user francisco cotapos. tour photos @ + + + + +

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

made/edited + compiled together and re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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