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Björk - Live @ Fuji Rock Festival, '17 Green Stage, Naeba, Niigata, Japan, Sunday, July, 30th (30-07-2017) [Partial] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live In Concert @ Fuji Rock Festival,
'17 Green Stage, Naeba, Niigata, Japan,
Sunday, 30th July, (30-07-2017) [Partial]


01. Japan Strings Intro + Stonemilker * (30-07-2017)
02. Lionsong * (30-07-2017)
03. Come To Me * (30-07-2017)
04. Jóga * (30-07-2017)
05. Unravel * (Partial) (30-07-2017)
06. Mouth’s Cradle * (30-07-2017)
07. You’ve Been Flirting Again * (Partial) (30-07-2017)
08. Isobel * (30-07-2017)
09. Bachelorette * (30-07-2017)
10. Five Years (30-07-2017)
11. Wanderlust (30-07-2017)
12. Notget * (Pyro) (30-07-2017)
13. Mouth Mantra (30-07-2017)
16. Quicksand * (30-07-2017)
15. Mutual Core * (30-07-2017)
16. History Of Touches * (30-07-2017)
17. Hyperballad * (Pyro) (30-07-2017)

Show Info: this was the last live 'vulnicura' concert show. there was a moment, right when björk came on stage and was about to perform 'stonemilker' a japanese moth flew right in front of her and she looked at the moth with such childish wonder then thay encircled her, like the moth laying eggs on the big LCD backdrop it's like a fitting end of these 'vulnicura' world tours. the icelandic/nordic pop warrior danced to 'isobel' and wore a pink dress by peter movrin. and 
makeup by ken nakano. and a headpiece by jammes merry. next...'paradise/utopian'

Seeing Björk in the flesh, you get the feeling that you’re witnessing some brief alien appearance, and you don’t want to move or say anything for fear that you’ll disturb them and they’ll leave. The Icelandic experimental goddess approached the stage in typical Björk gear, as martianesque as expected — a poofy, pink bell-bottom getup with platform boots and a translucent, white mask halfway between Phantom of the Opera and skin graft. Also accompanying Björk on stage was a string orchestra, which delivered a rich, warm accompaniment to her vocals. She opened the show with Vulnicura’s “Stonemilker”, delivering a touching performance with her singular vocals that sound straight from the record. Throughout the show, Björk remained enigmatic as ever, only occasionally uttering “arigatou” — albeit the cutest “arigatou” at Fuji Rock. Her personality, instead, shone through in her voice, in her fidgety little dance moves as she paced about the stage, in her drink of choice (champagne), which she sipped while nodding at the audience.

While one may expect a Björk show to come just short of a voyage to Venus, her set actually felt deeply personal and near intimate. There was a simplicity to her performance — just strings, electronics, and Björk. That said, for many songs, Björk’s set included some truly captivating and transformative visuals, some of them steeped in fantasy, others realistic and awe-inspiringly down-to-earth, like the mating dance of a superb bird of paradise or a hive of bees being infiltrated by hornets in slow motion. She finished her show with an encore — unexpected for an artist who seems to have cut all the frills and unnecessary banter out of her performance. For her final song, she performed the hypnotizing and ghostly “Hyperballad”, complete with a frickin’ fireworks show, because it’s Björk. “There’s a beautiful view from the top of the mountain,” she sang, and looking around at the sparks and colors and the hordes of soggy humans coming together in the Niigata night, one would have to agree.

a lot of hard work has been put into this live bootleg ! (relentlessly restless) by the team monkeys @ packed full of tour photo's, it's taken day's to make this epic last 'vulnicura' world live concert tour bootleg...

tour photos @ + +

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

made/edited + compiled together and re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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