Friday, 31 March 2017

Björk - Live @ Auditorio Nacional, México City, Wednesday, 29th March, (29-03-2017) [FULL pt 1+2] - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - Björk:
Live In Concert @ Auditorio, Nacional,
México, [México City Chávez Orchestra]
Wednesday, 29th March, (29-03-2017) [FULL pt 1+2]


01. Stonemilker (29-03-2017)
02. Lionsong (29-03-2017)
03. History Of Touches (29-03-2017)
04. Black Lake (29-03-2017)
05. Family (29-03-2017)
06. Notget (29-03-2017)
07. Aurora (29-03-2017)
08. I’ve Seen It All (29-03-2017)
09. Jóga (29-03-2017)
10. Vertebrae By Vertebrae (29-03-2017)
11. Bachelorette (29-03-2017)
12. Quicksand (29-03-2017)
13. Mouth Mantra (29-03-2017)
14. Anchor Song (29-03-2017)
15. Pluto (29-03-2017) persional note: just to say a massive thank you to my old myspace méxican buddy 'cork loves björk'
and his méxican friends the girl's who hand stiched an massive icelandic flag with björk pictures ect: for the 2007
'volta' huentitán canyon, guadalajara, méxico, sonofilia international music festival, december, 8th (08-12-2007)
he give me the full ISO concert in split rar files way back.
i hope he and friends were at this 'vulnicura' tour and this upcoming 2nd night.

dearest mexico city : see you at the auditorio nacional on march 29 ! tickets go on sale january 13 ! -

ceremonia festival, mexico, (01-04-2017) (canceled) after inclement weather damages stage. due to unfortunate weather, björk couldn't perform the lineup tonight. - ¡¡¡ CEREMONIA ON TOMORROW !!! can't wait to see you there. (canceled) - postponed for tomorrow sunday, 2nd april, (02-04-2017)

dress for success: ceremonia festival are inviting the three best costumes out there to the festival and the björk digital expo!
!!! dear ceremonia concert goers !!!
we had been rehearsing all week and we are so upset
            we cannot play for you ....
thank you for all the photos of the incredible costumes 
you sent us : we should save them for our next mutual
                 occasion .....
               plan f anyone?  
             warmthness , björk .

tour photos @ + +

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

made/edited + compiled together and re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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