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Björk - Digital DJ Set [VR] Live @ Day For Night, Houston, Texas, USA, Saturday, 18th December, (18-12-2016) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - https://www.mediafire.com/?6uyzrdl6a2d7jly - Björk:
Digital DJ Set VulnicuRa [VR]
Live @ Day For Night, Houston, Texas, USA, 
Saturday, 18th December, (18-12-2016)

Björk Sexist Statement:

dear little miss media
!!!! happy winter solstice !!!
as you know the majority of my career i havent moaned about sexism and just got on w it . but im feeling there is an enormous positive current in the sky , a flow w possible changes
so i wanted to mention one thing
last weekend i djd twice at a festival in texas . it was a magical event with some of my favorite musicians djing : aphex twin , arca , oneoh trixpoint never and matmos ... the list is endless !!
most of us played mostly other peoples music and would slide in instrumentals of what weve been working on recently
i am aware of that it is less of a year since i started djing publicly so this is something people are still getting used to and my fans have been incredibly welcoming to me sharing my musical journey and letting me be me . its been so fun and the nerd in me editing together pieces of others peoples songs for weeks , gets to share the different coordinates i feel between some of the most sublime music i know .
but some media could not get their head around that i was not "performing" and "hiding" behind desks . and my male counterparts not . and i think this is sexism . which at the end of this tumultuous year is something im not going to let slide : because we all deserve maximum changes in this revolutionary energy we are currently in the midst of
its gotta be worth it
women in music are allowed to be singer songwriters singing about their boyfriends . if they change the subject matter to atoms , galaxies , activism , nerdy math beat editing or anything else than being performers singing about their loved ones they get criticized : journalists feel there is just something missing ... as if our only lingo is emo ...
i made volta and biophilia conscious of the fact that these were not subjects females usually write about . i felt i had earned it . on the activist volta i sang about pregnant suicide bombers and for the independence of faroe islands and greenland . on the pedagogic biophilia i sang about galaxies and atoms but it wasnt until vulnicura where i shared a heartbreak i got full acceptance from the media . men are allowed to go from subject to subject , do sci fi , period pieces , be slapstick and humorous , be music nerds getting lost in sculpting soundscapes but not women . if we dont cut our chest open and bleed about the men and children in our lives we are cheating our audience .
eat your bechtel test heart out
but i know the change is in the air . we are walking inside it . therefore i leave this with you in kindness at the end of this year and i hope that in the next year even though i was brave to share w you a classic female subject matter : the heartbreak , i get to have a costume change and walk out of this role . you froze edith piaf and maria callas in it ( not one documentary i have seen about her doesnt mention onassis but no mention w male musicians the women they loved or broke their hearts )
lets make 2017 the year where we fully make the transformation !!!
!!! the right to variety for all the girls out there !!!
merry christmas
björk - https://www.facebook.com/bjork/

event info by inky brown:

Björk is my second favorite artist other than Thom Yorke/Radiohead. I worked hard to get this footage and endured physical pain and stress during previous sets holding my spot! Hope you enjoy. This is for the people who couldn't be there, and also for the people who WERE there and couldn't see her! Yeah, she surrounded herself with plants so you could only see her if you were near the center... kept the lights really low... and had a lace mask over her face anyway so there was not much to see other than her big dress. Sorry for the jerkiness at parts, the crowd was kinda rough and pushy at points (see below). I deliberately chose to be off-center when I got to the rail because I didn't want to be right in front of her recording the whole thing. I thought it would be rude (even if she didn't notice me... I had the camera on my arm resting on the rail). She makes a point to have an announcement before her shows that photos and videos are not allowed. There was no announcement for the DJ set though. 

Not to make you feel sorry for me but just to help you guys realize that tapers sometimes go though a lot to get footage! First I sat outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours before gates opened (totally unnecessary as everyone else was queueing to get into the Björk Digital exhibit)... so I was first to the Blue Stage at Day for Night. Where it was about 40 degrees inside all day anyway. Once there I stayed in the same place for 8 hours (i.e. no food, no bathroom). I did want to see Matmos and Liars so that was good. But when Mikki Blanco or whoever took the stage all bets were off. He went into the crowd several times and whenever that happens at a show the rail tends to get messed up, people lose their spots entirely and other people push up and grab on so it becomes 50% more crowded. What was a nice, comfortable, humane experience all day before was now like sardines where you couldn't even move your elbows for the rest of the night. Thanks Mikki. During his whole set I had to brace my arms on the other side of the rail and grab on so as not to be pushed over any further to the side. I also got my boobs elbowed constantly and that hurt a lot! Not to mention my whole body squeezed and slammed against the rail. I haven't had that rough an experience since seeing Major Lazer from the rail, which I vowed to never do again. But my whole point of this is to say that the footage would've been a lot better if it had been less crowded up there like it was before the rap set. Also sorry I didn't get Arca's set, I gave up my spot to stand by the artist's entrance to try to meet James Merry (failed), but I did get to talk to Flying Lotus for a while at least. - inky brown.

photos @
http://www.bjork.com/ + http://www.bjork.fr/

note: orignial 1080p footage is courtesy of inky brown. - https://www.youtube.com/user/browninky - https://twitter.com/inkybrown - https://plus.google.com/u/0/108067003898972893192 - she's the orignial uploader who attended this [VR] festival, and who recorded/documented this [VR] 'björk digital' dj set. please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @
http://www.bjork.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bjork https://www.youtube.com/user/bjorkdotcom
https://twitter.com/bjork https://soundcloud.com/bjork https://plus.google.com/+bjork

edited/remastered audio + re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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