Monday, 21 November 2016

Björk: 51st Birthday !! My Dedication ! - November, 21st (21-11-1965/2016)

[björk, 51st birthday] this monday, november, 21st 2016 50 year old icelandic/nordic singer/songwriter björk, will be celebrateing her [special milestone 50th birthday] !! this is my 51st birthday dedication to the life & career of 'björk guðmundsdóttir' born on a sunday in her native nordic country iceland the capital reykjavík on november 21st 1965. björk, childhood nickname 'bapsi' as a child. she attended the barnamúsikskóli, in reykjavík, iceland, from the age of five. her recording career began in 1977 at the age of 11 while studying piano and flute at music school. before björk, was famous she worked odd jobs at an antiques shop, a bookstore, a vinyl record store, a coca-cola bottling plant, where her job was to check for cleanliness, and she worked on a farm around christmas time in 1984 plus a fish factory during the easter break in 1984. and in her early punk band 'spit & snot' she was a drummer, and she had no eyebrows and had orange hair. she's the most uniqueist woman alive on mother earth. [björk: the lovely body expression gesture habits] - (1) the cute constant nose rubbing. (2) the legendary sick out tongue. (3) biteing fingernails micro-biting. (4) the forefinger thumb dance affair. (5) the mysterious jaw/finger nose snorf. (6) squeezeing her super cute elfin face expressions. (7) constant licking around her lip's. (8) beautiful facial tic-constant body twitching with a tilt of the head. (9) placeing hand on belly - [björk: voice octave's] - (1) high octave volcal range. (2) throat rumble. (3) characteristic icelandic jibberish. (4) howls. (5) screams. (6) screech. - 'icelandic/nordic beauty this immense' 'volcano of iceland' 'we need milk & cakes and a warm bed' 'her voice is a firework of pure emotions...and her music is a raw thunderstorm of a unique true tribal beat from an astral world' björk is one of the worlds most greatest artists, unique, creative, and constantly evolving phenomenon, 'goosebumps to watch' one of the few great artsy artistic poetic artists of the modern world. truly inspirational. 'an image of the beautiful' 'imaginative side of the human mind' 'she's a 'beautiful enigma' 'ideal' 'graceful' 'iconic' 'quirky' 'mystic' 'tiny artistic whirlwind' 'kooky' 'attractive' 'photogenic' 'collaborator' 'lady of the flute' '34 scores for piano, organ, harpsichord, & celeste' 'musical scientist' 'musicologist' 'wild icelandic teenager punk' 'unique hazel/green/orange/yellow eye's' 'make-up' 'multi-colored eye/shaddow make-up' 'the deep intense stare look' 't-shirt girl' 'japanese kimono traditional garment' 'facial/embroidered masks' 'head pieces' 'neck pieces' 'gem stones/bindi dot's' 'bobby hair pins' '1993/1994 mohair fuzzy jumper/sweater' 'jeweled/gem encrusted golden facial/net/embroidered masks' 'natural eyebrows/unibrow' 'small cold sore upper small lip 1990's' 'gems stones or bindi dot's under her eye's & over her forehead 1993/1994' 'hunter arms in the air belly dance 1998/2007' 'isobel arm's/hands of a clock vespertine dance 2001/2017' 'hollow biophilia bum dance 2011/2012' hyperballard listening hand over ear, hearing...crowd singing hyperballard move' '5 years/oceania/hope curtsy/spining around ballerina music box volta dance' 'japanese shooting magical spider silk hand held throw 'kambuki volta streamers 2007/2008' 'roman candle biophilia 2 hand held tubes fireworks 2011/2012' 'the sugarcubes colored resin plastic rings & rubber wrist watches & stop-watches 1990's' 'geometric hairdos' 'hair/ornaments' 'japanese geisha hair/ornaments' 'short boyish hair 1982/1983/1984/1989/1990' 'the sugarcubes 'blue/red/silver big oval/straight plastic barrette french hair clips 1987/1988' 'the sugarcubes björk cycling shorts 1988' '2-sided princess leia star wars bobby pinned updo hair buns 1992/2005/2016' 'bobby pinned updo hair-knots 1993/1994' 'star hair do with blue beaded hair clip 1994' 'japanese looking fringe jet black long hair 1995/1996' 'ginger hair 1996' 'bleech blonde/ginger hair/pulled-up techno mohawk stringed woven/spider hair plaits 1996/1997' 'long bobby pinned shield hair 1996/1997' 'slanted hair-do 2003' 'pulled up hair with top knot/front bobby pinned updo 2 big beaded hair top knot 1997/2011' 'shaved neck' & pulled up hair/woven with string/flowers, tied with ribbon below ear's jewish 'peyot' hair plaits/woven lime green string top-knot 2013/2018' 'head/neck dresses' 'pom-pom head dress 2008' 'pom-pom leggings 2007' 'hair fringe neck pieces 2005/2007/2008' 'volta beaded/string rubber spiked wrist swing bag object 2007/2008' 'multi-colored dipped finger-tip's 1993/2001/2007/2008' 'multi-colored painted forehead make-up 1997/1998/2008' 'multi-colored hoods 2004/2005/2012' 'bulbous multi-colored wig's pinned with 'bobby pins' into a twisty spiral 2011/2012' 'the sugarcube sperm necklace 1988/1992' 'gucci gown/dress 2017' 'facial/embroidered masks/head pieces & neck pieces 2007/2017' 'debut brown hiking boots/red boot laces 1993/1994' 'volcanic ash necklaces/pendants' 'glasses/sunshades' 'tights/stockings' 'DJ/raver' 'saviour of iceland' 'eco-environmental awareness' 'rolling her R's' 'czechoslovakian immigrant 'selma ježková' 'björk's curtsy' 'crystal clear icelandic pronunciation' 'awesome icelandic accent/dialect' 'icelandic jibberish' 'fantastic throat rumble' 'howls' 'screams' 'screech' 'björk's celestial folk voice bewitching the listener' 'pixie nose' 'band of freckles over nose brige/under eyes' 'pronounced parentheses smile lines' 'pronounced philtrum groove' 'lovely shaped mouth' 'lovely high cheekbones' 'gorgeous chunky shaped leg's/thighs/gorgeous knobbly knees' 'lovely hands & boyish fingers' 'bitten fingernails/micro-biting' 'shiny shimmering sparkling glitter glamour costume carment gown/dresses' 'multi-colored stockings' 'skin tight 2-tone marble multi-colored leggings' 'big soled shoes' 'the goddess of sparkle' 'lovely pop-belly' 'infectus to watch' 'sipped teaspoons of soup between songs' 'gorgeous mother' 'little elven princess' 'icelandic qween' 'techno pop warrior' 'dramatic hand gestures' 'sexual hand gestures' 'hand signals' 'army of me...arms out to the side move' 'techno/trip-hop goddess' 'electro goddess' 'icelandic flameing lip's' 'nordic' 'pagan' 'pixie' 'elven' 'eccentric elf' 'icelandic/nordic pop warrior' 'icemaiden' 'screaming masterpiece' 'high octave vocal range is laser optical precise' 'pure personality' 'unique body/face movement' 'face scrunches' 'lovely bone structure' 'mole under her right lower lip' 'mole on upper right knee-cap' 'star tattoo behind her left ear' 'vegvísir viking compass tattoo on her left upper arm' 'looks back at band...taps on her chest twice with one finger pointing up' 'history of touching/pointing down there/multiple orgasms live on stage' 'microphone right handed, & left thumb pointing back' 'one day & hyperballard...left hand by ear' 'icelandic volcano' 'true modern minimalist' 'full artistic control' björk embraces the true essence of simplicity in her music, an untameable force of nature, she's an artist who marches to nobody’s tune but her own. 'black lake' 10+emotional. by far one of the greatest heart felt, moveing videos ever done by her that ive ever seen too date. filmed in volcanic raw iceland...watching this is very emotional and moveing, the part when she's thumping her chest over and over again, as she 'jump starts' her shattered broken heart with the sound of 'flatline' is masterful. aged 49 in the 'black lake' video, she never fails and now she's comeing 50 she still brings the emotion passion and raw power in her music. [björk is pure electricity!] : growth !! all the best x , truly fertile warmthness , soulwarmth & gratitudes !! birchness ...

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