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Björk - Digtial [VR] VulnicuRa Exhibition @ Somerset House, 1st September, - 23rd October, + Björk Live In Concert, @ Royal Albert Hall, 21st September, + Eventim Apollo, September, 24th (2016)

events info: - it seems that one night at the royal albert hall is not enough for all the love : there will be a second london show , this one at the eventim apollo on september 24 ! and the tickets go on sale tomorrow ! -"a focused, intimate all-encompassing experience that enhances every aspect of björk’s songs as it allows you to enter her world" The term “third place” was coined by Ray Oldenburg, an American urban sociologist, most prominently known for his elaborations on the importance of informal gathering places for a functioning civil society, democracy, and civic engagement.

In short, where we meet our social needs through creative interaction with others.

The “first place” is home where we place to role of son, daughter, mum, dad, etc. The “second place” is work where the role is whatever position one represents.

The “third place,” according to Oldenburg, denotes territory that is inexpensive, easy to get to, welcoming, offers food and drink and people to chance to meet new people and feel companionship.

Carriageworks is a “third place.”

A general industrial precinct converted into multi-venue arts centre in its heart that has evolved to become an epicenter of Sydney’s art scene.

With much of the décor of the Railways of New South Wales workshops intact--think concrete, exposed brick, industrial light fixtures, steel appliances, weathered wood--the repurposed iron and brick charm radiates distinct nineteenth century flair.

Committed to the reflection of social and cultural diversity and artist-led in nature, its resident organisations produce diverse multidisciplinary programs and collaborations in its capacious halls, corridors and spaces with local and international artists.

An ideal location for Björk’s new project and exhibition:

Björk Digital, an installment of Sydney’s annual Vivid Festival, which celebrates “light, music, and ideas.”

Björk’s collaboration with digital luminaries, programmers, and visual artists has spawned seven 360 degree videos for her recent album Vulnicura, a personal emission of public grieving inspired by the feelings before and after the breakdown of her marriage with artist Matthew Barney.

The multi-media experience for the recipient and attendant of its Sydney premier is less in the form of an exhibition and more of a festival; Carriageworks’ vast industrial area is divided into designated spaces to celebrate all facets of Björk:

The “Björk Digital” 8x12m antechamber features a visceral 12-minute cinematic experience of her song “Black Lake,” which was filmed in the lava fields of Iceland – a canvas of natural beauty with the main protagonist crawling through its crevasses.

The custom built room has the audience encased in a chasm in between two big screens, surrounded by 54 speakers spinning their immersive sonic webs.

Emerging from the black lake and as a natural continuity of the audiovisual poetry of the medium music video, the audience now meets Björk up and close and gets to know her literally inside out: “Mouth Mantra,” as the titles suggests, lets one meander through her mouth as she sings the song and “Stonemilker” offers panoramic 360 degree views of her on a desolate beach in Reykjavik.

Entering the next room, which is partitioned off into small squares, one gets up close for a dance with the slowly growing, glowing outlines of the Icelandic shape shifter with the help of virtual reality devices.

The headphones and headsets create a focused, intimate all-encompassing experience that enhances every aspect of Björk’s songs as it allows you to enter her world.

Björk’s Biophilia was billed as an “app album.”

A multimedia project that was released alongside a series of apps linking the album's themes to musicology concepts. It was followed by a series of educational workshops in four continents.

The last part of the digital extravaganza allows the audience to explore and experience the custom made instruments and the Biophilia app, which is comprised of a series of 10 separate apps, one for each song, all included in a "mother app" which contains a menu made up by a 3-D constellation which the user can shift, zoom and orbit by swiping their fingers to open the apps.

In another section of Carriageworks, the “cinema room” offered a curated loop of Björk’s video oeuvre spanning her 24-year career.

The songs have been remastered for the occasion and feature her collaborations with the likes of Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Nick Knight, and Chris Cunningham,

Sandwiched in between the futuristic, virtual reality component of the Björk Digital experience and the cinema documenting her past, Björk performed an eclectic 5-hour marathon DJ set in the flesh the here and now for the two opening nights.

Björk has always been a pioneer and maverick.

Using interactive technology to her advantage, Björk Digital creates an experience that mimics the way we use our senses and enables the perception of information that is outside of our sensory spectrum:

The vision of experiencing music as digital synesthesia reflecting the way she has come up with her songs.

While Björk Digital is per definitonem inextricably linked to her art and persona, it does not merely serve as a forum to put on her on a pedestal and idolize her. It is all about content.bjork attends 'björk digital media preview' @ carriageworks, on june, 2nd 2016 in sydney, australia. 'björk digital' is the premiere of the musician's new virtual reality project and forms part of 'vivid sydney', an annual festival that features light sculptures and installations throughout the city. the festival takes place may, 27th through june 18th , photo by santiago felipe, and other www.'s, headpiece by james merry, dress by yawen qian, - - all footage is courtesy of all instagram uses, and the orignial uploaders who attended these VR festivals, and who recorded/documented these VR dj sets.

i am delighted to announce the opening of björk digital exhibition at Carriageworks in sydney this friday . it will premier the 4th virtual reality video from vulnicura and is a further step into completing the full vulnicura VR album which will come out soon . i feel the chronological narrative of the album is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is . a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it .

ive put importance in the exhibition on the interactive digital element , that folks can watch vulnicura on VR and also ive brought the instruments from biophilia that guests can try out w ipads .

and the frustrated musicologist in me will air out some odd finds and dj for the guests at the opening .

here is a sneak peek from VulnicuRa VR

hope you like it


björk . djd for 5 hours last night and looking forward to other 5 tonight : thanks to all the glorious musicians and nourishingly inspiring music i played . appreciating and appreciating ....warmth , björk . - i am so excited to invite you all to björk digital exhibition at somerset house . we are showing the virtual reality videos from vulnicura on dozens of headsets and premiering in london some pleasant surprises .... this is a further step into completing the full vulnicura vr album which will come out soon .
i feel the chronological narrative of the album is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is . a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it
ive put importance in the exhibition on the interactive element , that folks can watch vulnicura on vr and try biophilia w ipads
i am also very happy to tell you that i will be singing in royal albert hall on the autumn equinox with vulnicuras string arrangements played by an orchestra . i know . it is bragging . spoiled brat . - am gratefully announcing the opening of björk : digital london .
here are some photos from the press conference where i appeared via live stream motion capture avatar from iceland ( thousand miles away ! ) we have 4 [VR] videos ready and will be adding one in each city we go to , hopefully completing the album this year choosing various warehouses and galleries that exhibit work from all disciplines . i am very happy with being the pop musician i am and feel [VR] is a natural continuity of the pop video . technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems . the laptop arriving 1999 gave me a personal studio to make 'vespertine' , the touchscreen 2006 helped me map my own idiosyncratic musicology outside the classical canon and reconnect it with nature and make 'biophilia', [VR] is helping making a new stage free of politics where sound and vision is swirling free in 360º fully liberated . i found 'vulnicura' a helpful material to work in [VR] because of its old fashioned heartbreak saga , the narration in it is the most stubborn of my albums so i felt it could take on the experimentation of where [VR] is now . benefitted from 2016-ing it . and because of 'vulnicura's' one singular selfpitying voice to work with many directors gave it more point of views . i appreciate that your curiousity is still there after all these years dont take it for granted and thank my couragous team warmth björk . - björk introduces london digital exhibition by streaming in as a live avatar. The premiere of the exhibition 'björk digital' opened on thursday at london's somerset house. the touring exhibit showcases digital and video works made by the artist over the past decades. in a press preview of the exhibit, björk, made an appearance but in keeping with the show's title, she appeared digitally as a live motion capture avatar. the björk, avatar answered a few questions for the press and also served as a preview for a [VR[ video björk, is currently working on called 'family.' 'quicksand' [VR] world premiere at björk : digital somerset house ! 'quicksand' VR is a live recording of björk’s performance at 日本科学未来館 this summer. featuring a custom 3D printed headpiece by neri oxman, the video was a close collaboration with dentsu lab tokyo, japan, originally streamed worldwide in 360º online, it is now presented for the first time in [VR] at somerset house with brand new virtual elements for an augmented live experience. björk, beamed into today's somerset house press conference from 1,200 miles away in reykjavík, iceland, via a live motion capture avatar ! her movements and voice were captured by a computer graphics and media team in iceland and streamed into london to allow her to accompany jonathan reekie, director of the somerset house trust for a Q&A launching the new björk : digital exhibition. including state-of-the-art 3D technology from autodesk and unity, björk wore a special ‘mocap’ (motion capture) suit in the studios of the icelandic media college in reykjavik, iceland, and was digitised by specialist engineers from london’s the imaginarium studios. the avatar itself offers a glimpse into a new upcoming [VR] video for 'family' which will be premiered later this year, directed by andrew thomas huang with co-creative direction by björk and james merry.

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