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Björk - Live @ Les Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon, France, July, 20th 8:45pm (20-07-2015) (lossless.fr) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - https://www.mediafire.com/file/eefrnfrkfw45zaa/ - Björk:
Live @ Les Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon, France, 
20th July8:45pm
(20-07-2015) [lossless.fr]

01. Stonemilker 
02. Lionsong 
03. Black Lake 
04. History Of Touches 
05. Family 
06. Notget 
07. Come To Me 
08. The Pleasure Is All Mine 
09. I See Who You Are 
10. Harm Of Will 
11. All Neon Like 
12. Quicksand 
13. Wanderlust 
14. Mouth Mantra 
15. Mutual Core 
16. One Day

björk, facebook quote: > i am incredibly honoured to announce that The Haxan Cloak will be doing my festivals with me this summer !!!!

" everybody knows it’s not about us ; it’s about this other , shamanic , kind of liberating character that sleeps somewhere inside us that is dying to get out . and if there ever is a time and a place to air it , it’s a festival . " - björk facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bjork

note: FLAC audio courtesy of lossless.fr , you can download the flac version here > https://mega.co.nz/#!tdVFyIyJ!j9TDz7TQGpWpBO-x0mYlGw5b2WKcPqXyhpjUZmCHYnk <

show reviews: Last night in Lyon, for his first concert in France since 2013, Divine Björk played the card of the requirement. The Icelandic likes to be where least expect it, At his request, the concert starts early, an orchestra of 15 strings taking place at 8:45 p.m. on the stage of the ancient theater of Fourvière, quickly followed percussionist Manu Delago and Dj Arca.
Björk finally appears wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and a white mask completely covering his face. "Stonemilker" followed by "Lionsong" and "Black Lake" launch debates. The tone was quickly set: Björk is not to party but to conduct a public therapy. His lyrics tell the wear of love, despair of being abandoned and we feel in his voice crack a touching, least cynical.
Musically, the songs multiply the rhythm breaks, tempos accelerations better then calm things down. The video projections evoke nature, so dear to the singer, but the mutant animal out of its larva, exploding from its cocoon. The message could not be clearer. The first 45 minutes of the concert, devoted entirely to "Vulnicura" So are simply sublime and are punctuated with a fireworks display at the end of "notget" which deck the 4,200 spectators.
The second part of the show unfortunately not find the same intensity. Blame it on a variety of complicated song, Björk has decided not sing any 'tube'. So yes it will delve into the depths of his repertoire, and is more fun to the purists the general public. But as we explained Arca after the concert, "she considered this evening as a separate show, it's not as if we had played to 50,000 people at a festival and had to send known songs to please. No, tonight we were more focused on the music. "
Björk thus allows the fascination after boredom certainly, but seeks above all the constant questioning, the constant concern music, all with the crazy class we know it. Almost fifties file backstage after one forty show, under the deserved cheers of Fourvière. Some artists seem to be doomed to keep repeating the same formulas for decades. Last night in Lyon, we came out of the concert with a question in mind: we will it take 25 years? And that is why we still love so much. Benjamin LOCOGE, Paris Match
Hardly seems that the magic happens. Visually first. For Björk Björk would not be without an extravagant outfit! Dressed in a long yellow dress designer Daisy Collingridge she face hidden by a mask lace and pearls. It is the work of his personal assistant for 6 years, JT Merry, an artist who works with her on his various projects and has crafted her several other remarkable masks.
The singer, the allure still youthful despite its almost 50 years, takes the audience into his world from the first notes. On stage, she is accompanied by a string orchestra, a percussionist and artistic accomplice Arca, who worked with her in the manufacture of "Vulnicura". It moves like a little girl, dancing, gesticulating and rewarding the public "Thank you" in French.
Complete artist, she enchants first by his voice, unique and powerful, but also the staging of his songs. Behind her, succeed perfectly in rhythm with his music videos. Insect pictures, excerpts from his videos. His whole universe and scrolls that offer. All a sudden burst of fireworks. The audience wanting more.
Demanding and meticulous artist, his concert is in his image: extravagant but accurate. Nothing is left to chance, everything is graph. There is not (enough) room for improvisation or exchange with the public, reduced to a few niceties. It was not until the very last song, "One day", revisited with his percussionist, so that the public gives way to whistle in the heart with it. Björk has taken on stage any of his old hits. The audience listened with passion the singer tell her story. A great moment of music. Culture box - cd cover artworks by benjicoq, tour photos @
http://www.bjork.com/ + http://www.bjork.fr/
mhln. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mhlenoir/ - https://www.flickr.com/photos/mhlenoir/sets/72157656219546940

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

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