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Sykurmolarnir - 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert, Live @ Laugardalshöll, Reykjavík, Iceland, (17-11-2006) [Remastered] - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - Sugarcubes 
Reykjavík Iceland 

20th Anniversary Reunion Concert 
Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Seating Section
Row 11, Seat 9

Neumann KM-150's (AK-50 Hypercardiod Capsules) > Apogee Minime > 
digital coaxial > M-Audio Microtrack > 24bit 48kHz wav file > Soundforge 
(set fades, downsample to 16/44.1) > CD Wave 1.95 (tracking) >  Flac Frontend 
(level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

This is the 16 bit version of this recording, for CD burning.  The sound in the venue
was superb, and the crowd behavior at this concert was outstanding.  As a result,
I had a direct line to the stacks at approximately 150 feet, and there is virtually no 
extraneous noise on the recording.   Enjoy!

Recorded and Produced
by danlynch

A Bjork Hub Production:
Premiere FLAC Download offered @
01. Traitor (Icelandic) 
02. Leash Called Love 
03. Deus (Icelandic) 
04. Water (Icelandic) 
05. Bee (Icelandic) 
06. Planet 
07. Shoot Him (Icelandic) 
08. Walkabout 
09. Mama 
10. Pump (Icelandic) 
11. Regina (Icelandic) 
12. A Day Called Zero 
13. Ammæli
14. Coldsweat 
15. Blue Eyed Pop 
16. Motorcrash 
17. Delicious Demon 
18. Hit 
19. Fucking in Rhythm & Sorrow 
20. Luftgitar** 

**With Johnny Triumph and various band members' children

info: It was announced in September, and it almost seemed too miraculous to be true. The concert was scheduled on my actual Birthday! But when the travel package was posted on the icelandair website, the concept of flying 2500 miles to Iceland became a reality.

Oh, and what a reality–four days of celebration in a city that loves its nightlife. Reykjavik is perhaps the most fun city in Europe. Sandwiched in the middle was the reunion concert, which as you can tell from this recording, was sublimely magnificent. The band was tight, energetic, motivated, and was having a ball. As were we.

If you were interested in this concert, you’ve undoubtedly seen many youtube clips of varying quality. At some point there was discussion of an official release, but all the members have moved on, and that seems highly unlikely. What presents is the only complete recording of this concert, and in outstanding audio quality. I was able to record the concert with my best equipment, and the Icelandic audience was attentive and charming.
this concert itself was a benefit to support
the Smekkleysa/Bad Taste Label. Excellent Sugarcubes releases are available at:
Bad Taste Online Shop

CD art work by benjicoq.

photos @ + flickr + tumblr

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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