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Björk - Live @ Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA, NY, Wednesday, 2nd March, 8:00pm (05-02-2007) (New York Intruder) [Remastered] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ Radio City Music Hall,
New York, USA, NY, 
Wednesday, 2nd March, 8:00pm
(New York Intruder) [Remastered]
Recorded and Produced and
Remastered by

01. Earth Intruders*
02. Venus As A Boy
03. Aurora
04. I See Who You Are**
05. Oceania
06. Dull Flame Of Desire***
07. All Is Full Of Love
08. The Pleasure Is All Mine
09. Pagan Poetry
10. Jóga
11. Where Is The Line_
12. Army Of Me
13. Innocence
14. Wanderlust
15. Pluto
16. [Encore Break]
17. [Band Introductions]
18. Anchor Song
19. Declare Independence

*With Konono N°1 
**With Min Xiao-Fen
***With Antony Hegarty


Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board Center
Orchestra Row PP, Seat 509

DPA 4021's > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > 16bit 44.1 .wav >
Soundforge (level boosts and balance, softening and some removal 
of audience noise, EQ, set fades) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac 
Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

The original flac files of this concert were uploaded to dimeadozen within 
3 hours of the end of the concert.  In the rush to uplaod, no post-production 
work was done on the original wav file, which was a mistake.

For the remaster, I extracted the original master wav file from its archive disc 
(no errors).  In Soundforge 8.0, I boosted and balanced the levels, which were 
simply too low on the master.  I smoothed, softened, or removed dozens of 
instances of crowd noise--close clapping, shouts, screams, and the like.  
Additionally, I equalized by boosting the highs, which were muffled either in 
the PA system, or because of the mesh hat where the DPA mics were mounted.  
The results of this remaster job have created a drastic improvement of the 
quality of this recording.

Recorded and Produced by

Premiere FLAC Download offered @ -
Much assistance provided by
Bjork Hub:

01  Earth Intruders*
02  Venus as a Boy
03  Aurora
04  I See Who You Are**
05  Oceania
06  Dull Flame of Desire***
07  All is Full of Love
08  The Pleasure is All Mine
09  Pagan Poetry
10  Jóga
11  Where is the Line
12  Army of Me
13  Innocence
14  Wanderlust
15  Pluto
16  [encore break]
17  [band introductions]
18  Anchor Song
19  Declare Independence

*With Konono N°1 
**With Min Xiao-Fen
***With Antony Hegarty

info: Bjork began her 18-month worldwide tour in promotion of the new album Volta with a week of three concerts in three different venues in New York. The first night at Radio City was her first concert in the U.S. in almost four years, and with new material and an all new band, the result was the most restrained of the three NYC shows. Nevertheless, the concert was a triumphant return to the stage for Bjork, with several pleasant surprises in the setlist.

I recorded this concert from a prime location with pro-quality DPA microphones. However, in my rush to upload this concert to a bit torrent site within 3 hours of the end of the show, I did not perform any post-production work. The remaster posted below was the result of many hours of post-production work in Soundforge which improved the initial recording drastically. The volume levels were increased significantly and balanced, dozens of instances of close clapping or other audience noise were softened or removed, and the high-end peaks were accentuated through equalization.

This recording is dedicated to my friends in the Bjork Hub, the most reliable and dedicated fans of any artist anywhere.

rcmh tix

This recording is in an indirect way responsible for the existence of the nyctaper website. Prior to the establishment of this site, I posted my masters on various bit torrent trackers, and in several instances my recordings were then compressed to low-quality mp3s and re-posted without any credit or attribution on bottom-feeder blogs.

In this case of this recording, the blogger not only failed to give credit, but also deleted my comments and insulted me when I sought credit. One of those insults ironically “suggested” that I create my own blog where I could host lossless downloads and pay the server fees. Eight days later, I did.

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board Center
Orchestra Row PP, Seat 509
recorded from a mesh hat where the DPA mics were mounted
DPA 4021’s > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > Soundforge (Remaster) > flac

show review:
Bjork, whose onstage comments were minimal, was in particularly powerful voice, even if she did need to occasionally strain to be heard over the loud, bass-heavy sound mix. She frequently hopped and ran in place with a physicality that apparently extended to Antony, who in their superb debut Dull Flame of Desire manically jumped up and down as if he was being fed electrical charges.
The show featured more than its share of quiet but still-powerful moments as well, like Bjork’s tremulous rendition of "I See Who You Are," accompanied by Min’s delicate playing.
The physical production, featuring video screens, swirling lights and elaborate laser projections, well complemented the enveloping power of the music.
source : Björk begins American tour in top form, Frank Scheck, Reuters, 04/05/2007

radio city 2 CD cover art work

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re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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