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Björk - Live @ City Center, New York, USA, NY, March, 25th (25-03-2015) (Split) - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ City Center,
New York, USA, NY, 
25th March,
(Split) Digital Master Recording
Front of Board - Recorded 15th Row Center

DPA 4061s Dynamic Audio Custom Mod Dynamic Audio Custom Battery Box Roland R-05 
16bit 44.1kHz wav file Soundforge level adjustments, set fades, downsample CDWave 1.95 
tracking TLH flac 320 MP3 and Tagging via Foobar

premiere FLAC download > WAS < offered @ [recording has since been removed at the request of björk’s label]


01. Stonemilker
02. Lionsong
03. History of Touches
04. Black Lake
05. Family
06. Notget
07. Pleasure Is All Mine
08. Come To Me
09. All Neon Like 
10. I See Who You Are
11. Quicksand
12. Mouth Mantra
13. [Encore Break]
14. Sun in My Mouth *
15. Wanderlust

Total Run Time [1:26:18mins]

björk, facebook quote: > only 2 shows left
i would like to thank all for the monumental good energy thats been washed upon us playing these concerts !!!!! ive never felt anything like it ! with only 2 left im getting super mushy : i would like to thank the musicians manu delago , alarm will sound and especially arca , whos made new arrangements : this beacon of fertility played proper dress up with my old songs made them all shiny and new !!!
music is a beast best suited for concert halls : and i was blessed enough this time around to try amongst the new york finest : carnegie hall , the magnificent newly renovated kings theatre in brooklyn and the intimate city center . this time around ive kept the staging and theatricals minimal , let it all be about the music , the notation , the listeners . these temples of music are an ancient idea and not a coincidence that they work ! hurray to gigs !!! im grateful !! looking forward to seeing you for those 2 remaining shows !!
photo by david andrako for brooklyn vegan - björk facebook -

Hear a full recording of Björk’s Vulnicura live show.

Björk brought her Vulnicura tour to New York’s City Center Theater last night with support from Arca, percussionist Manu Delago, and a fifteen-piece orchestra called Alarm Will Sound. New York live music archivist NYCTaper was on hand to capture a recording of the concert, which is the first of three to take place at the venue this week.

Björk played the first six tracks of Vulnicura in order for the first half of her performance. The second set consisted of both old and new material, closing with Vulnicura’s final two tracks and a further two encores. For the first encore, Björk performed ‘Sun In My Mouth’ from 2001 album Vespertine.

You can stream and download the entire concert below. [via NYCTaper / Stereogum]

[a recording of the first night at City Center that has since been removed at the request of Björk’s label]

Björk's New York City residency, about seven shows over two months plus a retrospective at MoMA, is a dream come true for fans and, fortunately at least, her live show delivers.
(25 Mar 2015: NY City Center — New York)
Björk, along with collaborator Arca, is currently nearing the end of a series of shows in New York City in support of her latest album, Vulnicura. After a couple of nights at Carnegie Hall and a couple at the new Brooklyn venue King’s Theater, Björk will wrap up the mini-residency at NY City Center (two performances remain). So far, every night has featured almost the entirety of Björk’s latest album Vulnicura, a breakup record, with the addition of the Alarm Will Sound string ensemble and Manu Delago on percussion. Although I had never seen Björk before, I know she’s a cutting edge artist on many levels—visually, fashionably, sonically. So it was no surprise to see some of her fans have a unique fashion sense of their own. Of course, their attire couldn’t be topped by Björk’s own—she had donned a unique spiky headdress from designer Maiko Takeda for the first half of her performance. 
As for the performance itself, NYCTaper has some nice words about the show, “The austere setting was right for the somber nature of the first set of the show as Björk moved chronologically through the first six tracks of Vulnicura — appropriate since the album itself chronicles the deterioration of the relationship in stages…  the second set represented a very clear shift in attitude. Björk reappeared in a playful purple outfit with her hair down and proceeded to prance around the stage while playing a series of classic material”. They highly recommend catching an upcoming show if possible but if not, NYCTaper was able to produce a recording of the first night at City Center that has since been removed at the request of Björk’s label.

For those looking for an even stronger Björk fix, The Museum of Modern Art opened a retrospective on her career in advance of these shows. It features her costumes, music videos and more over the years. Unfortunately however, it was resoundingly panned by critics. That, and the lack of audio from the show is all the more reason to see her live. 

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