Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Björk - Arucinluv/Vulnicura (Reversed) (2015) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - https://www.mediafire.com/?m9u31ea68uddb2a - Björk:
Arucinluv/Vulnicura (Reversed)


01. Dnaskciuq/Quicksand (Reversed)
02. Artnam Htuom/Mouth Mantra (Reversed)
03. Ecnad Mota/Atom Dance (Reversed)
04. Tegton/Notget (Reversed)
05. Ylimaf/Family (Reversed)
06. Ekal Kcalb/Black Lake (Reversed)
07. Sehcuot Fo Yrotsih/History Of Touches (Reversed)
08. Gnosnoil/Lionsong (Reversed)
09. Reklimenots/Stonemilker (Reversed)

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re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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