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Björk - Anna & The Moods (2007) [Audio] - [AAC-M4A]

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Anna & The Moods,

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Anna & the Moods
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Anna & the Moods
Directed by Gunnar Karlsson
Produced by Hilmar Sigurðsson
Arnar Thorisson
Screenplay by Sjón
Story by Sjón
Starring [Björk] *
Damon Albarn
Narrated by Terry Jones
Music by Julian Nott
CAOZ Studio
Release dates
9th February 2007
[Running time
27 minutes]
Country Iceland
Language Icelandic/English
Anna and the Moods is a 2007 computer animated film by the Icelandic digital design and animation company CAOZ in Reykjavík. The plot centers on a girl named Anna Young who contracts a horrible illness that makes her incredibly moody.

The film was written by Academy Award nominated writer Sjón on a commission by the Brodsky Quartet, which performs the music composed by Julian Nott in the film. It was released in Iceland on February 9, 2007 in both Icelandic and English. Anna and the Moods won the Edda Award for Best Short Film.

Anna Young has always been the perfect daughter. One day, Anna's attitude dramatically changes, leaving her parents worried. Unable to figure out what has happened to their daughter, Anna's parents take her to Dr. Artmann's clinic for unruly children. At the clinic Anna is exposed to a variety of obstacles in a complex labyrinth. The only way out of the maze for Anna is to complete the tasks in the right way. Anna, however, decides to create mischief to escape. This leads Dr. Artmann to come to a shocking conclusion about Anna, the cure of which is a nasty surprise for her parents.[1]

Terry Jones, narrator
[Björk as Anna Young] *
Damon Albarn as Mr. Young
Thorunn Larusdottir as Mrs. Young
Sjón as Dr. Artmann
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson as Granny, Anna's Uncle, Hunter, Michael, MUM figure
Hreidar Smárason as Little Brother
Martin Regal as Normal Boy
Ámundi Sigurdsson as Healthy Boy
Einar Örn Benediktsson as Peter the Goth
Stefán Karl Stefánsson, special ad lib and extras

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