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Björk/Bapsi - Reads Nativity Story @ Children’s Music School, Reykjavík, Iceland, (1976) - [AAC-M4A]

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01. Björk - Reads Nativity Story @ Children’s Music School, Reykjavík, Iceland, (1976)

Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a young swan princess reading the nativity story in her native Icelandic. In 1976, long before Debut or the criminally underrated Gling-Glo or the Sugarcubes, an 11-year-old Björk was tapped by decision-makers at the Reykjavík Children’s Music School to read the story of Christmas on live television.

The station, RUV, recently rebroadcasted the TV special and posted the whole thing for us to watch online at RUV’s website. As Stereogum points out, the album came out a few months before Björk’s real first album, which she recorded at 11.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part. Is it the skinny Santa in the beginning with vague Liam Neeson vibes? Is it the trio of kids playing the hell out of their recorders? Is it Baby Björk’s perfectly parabolic bangs? Life hack: Invent a time machine, set it for 1976, and move to Iceland. Happy Christmas!

I have never been quite convinced that Bjork is an actual human being. I’m pretty sure she is a human dream catcher or an actual Lord of the Rings elf successfully posing as an Icelandic pop star. As evidence in my ongoing conspiracy theory, an Icelandic TV station has released footage of a Christmas special from 1976, in which a very young Bjork recites the nativity story in Elvish Icelandic, and near as I can tell Bjork has not actually changed since 1976.

Watching tiny Bjork read the nativity story in Icelandic is darling, and actually excellent style inspiration. She might have been 11 years old, but baby Bjork was more stylish than any It Girl I can currently name. Look at that hair! That shirt! Alexa Chung wishes she could pull off a haircut like that.

But mostly I am stunned because most celebrities do not look anything like their childhood photos–for example, see world’s most glamorous woman Dita Von Teese‘s recent throwback Christmas photo of herself as a dorky little blonde girl in a pioneer dress. But Bjork apparently never went through that transformative process. She was never a caterpillar, she was always a weird, impish, pixielike butterfly, and the proof is absolutely adorable.

In 1976, an 11 year old björk, participated in a christmas special for icelandic TV station RÚV in which she read the nativity story while accompanied by music played by fellow students from the reykjavík children’s music school. holy grail footage courtesy of RÚV, icelandic national broadcasting service

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