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Björk - Live @ Fountain Studios, New York City, USA, NYC, (MTV Unplugged) (Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994) + (Bonus Songs) [Acoustic Remastered] - [AAC-M4A]

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Live @ Fountain Studios,
New York City, USA, NYC, 
(MTV Unplugged (Live 'n' Loud) 
(07-11-1994) + (Bonus Songs)
[Acoustic Remastered]

01. Human Behaviour (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
02. One Day (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
03. Venus As A Boy (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994) * [Added]
04. Come To Me (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
05. Big Time Sensuality (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994) 
06. Aeroplane (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
07. Like Someone In Love (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
08. Crying (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
09. Anchor Song (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
10. Violently Happy (MTV Unplugged Live 'n' Loud) (07-11-1994)
[Bonus Songs]
01. Big Time Sensuality - Live @ MTV's Most Wanted, June, 16th (06-16-1994)
02. Human Behaviour - Live @ MTV's Most Wanted, June, 16th (06-16-1994)
[Show Review] Musicians
MTV Unplugged 
Percussion: Talvin Singh 
Percussion: Evelyn Glennie
MTV Live'n Loud 
Beats Electronics: Mark Bell 
Strings: Icelandic String Octet. Björk about
After Arranging the live version of 'Debut' and touring with the band for a year, Björk Had a pretty good idea about what worked. So When MTV Offered her to do 'Unplugged' Björk got a chance to try out theories and sacrifice part of her as far as she Went as possible from the electronics of the 'Debut Album. 
"The Unplugged session cam at a great time. Toured We had for a year and a half, tried and tested the songs, and the band WAS in good form. And After All the speculation about what Should Be acoustic and electronic what it was brilliant to get the Opportunity to go all the way in one direction: Acoustic! 
Because Unplugged WAS Recorded in one day in one spot I did not-have to work Within The Practicalities of touring. About did things not for now-have to BE Mobile. I felt like a kid in a toy store. I Could get Oliver Lake to Anchor Song and Aeroplane do with me, Evelyn Glennie and cam Played the marimba, Corky Hale cam from LA to play one song. We got in touch with a Man Who ent out strange keyboards and we Hired a lot of 'em, a duck organ That Makes squeaking sounds, a harpsichord and a small organ. We found a man Who plays glasses. It Was Madness, what purpose can you do When They tell you there are no limits. 
This period WAS pure luxury. By doing the 'Debut' round and 'Unplugged' I Learned to arrange for acoustic and electronic instruments. And for an old punk like me it WAS interesting to experience what it is to Be a band leader and in load. "
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