Thursday, 21 August 2014

Counterstream Radio On Demand - Björk & Meredith Monk, Interviewed By Sarah Cahill - [AAC-M4A]

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The American Music Center’s new online radio station Counterstream Radio will have its official launch today at 3 PM Eastern (that’s 12:00 PM for Seattlites). To kick it off right, Sarah Cahill will interview two of today’s greatest female composers—Meredith Monk and Björk (presumably at the same time). The two have collaborated together, and Björk herself has a new album—Volta—coming out in May. Perhaps we’ll get a sneak peek at one or the other or both[!/?]

About Volta, MTV reports that Björk was profoundly affected by a visit to the Aceh Province in Indonesia for UNICEF’s tsunami relief effort:

“I spent a few days there, in a village where 180,000 had died, in one moment. And a year later, people were still digging up bones, and digging through muck and finding objects. They had to change this golf course into a mass grave. And the smell … that was probably the most surprising thing. You could still smell death in the air a year later.”About the debut single, “Earth Intruders”:

The song “Earth Intruders,” in particular, was sculpted soon after Björk awoke from a dream she had during a cross-Atlantic flight to New York. In the dream, the singer said a “tsunami of millions and millions of poverty-stricken people” swelled high above the airplane she was a passenger on. Eventually, the wave overtook the plane, hit land and razed the White House into oblivion…

“Earth Intruders” is an industrial-tinged number, rife with video game-esque atmospherics and calypso tonalities — think Nine Inch Nails meets Devo. A rhythmic, marching sound runs throughout much of the track, which “portrays the emotions of impatience, urgency, and being very eager to communicate.” In it, she sings, “Here is turmoil out there/ Carnage rambling/ What is to do but dig/ Dig bones out of earth/ Mud, graves, timber/ Morbid trenches.”
It’s shaping up to be quite an interesting picture, this album. Politics, a “stunning return to the dancefloor”? Eric, you may get your protest anthems yet. UPDATE: Record label One Little Indian’s managing director told Music Week that it expects big sales from Volta: “It’s probably the most commercial thing she’s ever done,” he says. “It’s really up and happy and the collaborations are extraordinary”. He also revealed that Björk will be embarking on an 18-month world tour, with the stage set devised by Björk. The 30 musicians on tour with her will include an all-female, all-Icelandic brass band. Whew, Sasquatch is going to be a gorgeous, sweaty mess.

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