Friday, 22 August 2014

Björk - The XFM Volta Interview (04-04-2007) - [AAC-M4A]

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The XFM Volta Interview

01. When Did You Start Thinking About Your New Album
02. Is It Little Ideas Or Whole Songs That You Take Into The Studio
03. It’s Such A Diverse Volta Album, Is That The Way Things Came Together
04. How Did You Come To Meet & Work With Timbaland
05.  Was 'Earth Intruders' Fun To Record
06. 'Declare Independence' Is Very Confrontational...
07. Your Songs Seem To Mix Small Themes With Big Themes, Is That How You Like To Write
08. When Did You Meet Anthony Hegarty
09. On The Track My Juvenile Does He Play Someones Conscience
10. 'The Beast Is Back', Where Did That Come From
11. Have You Started Thinking About New Videos
12. Are You Looking Forward To Playing Glastonbury
13. Is It True You’re Designing Your Own Stage Set
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