Monday, 18 August 2014

Björk - Volta + 03' GH [Old + New] + Biophilia - World Live Concert Tours Bootleg CD Covers (2007-2013)

CD bootleg cover art download links: - - note: all concert tour CD cover art are made by member benjicoq, please surport björk @ + vist + subscribe  to < (never miss a post) + "mention your source" in my opinion this is the greatest björk based website apart from in existance! packed full of high resolution/grand format pictures to add to your björk collection, + updated news + upcomeing events, and concert tour gigography. and the bjorkfr tumblr site with new updated pictures, i personally what to thank (aifol, benjicoq, bjon, bjonker, mika & sofftraf) all the team @ for working very tirelessly and passionately to bring all us björkaholic's from around mother earth a great impecable epic website indeed! björk, would be very proud! takk fyrir, leave your feedback. "mention your source" warmth , ! ... björkaholic . 

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