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Björk - Live @ The Great Hall Of Science, New York, Queens, USA, NY, 8:30pm, February, 6th (02-06-2012) - [AAC-M4A]

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SP-CMC-25 mics > SP-SPSB-11 power supply (no bass rolloff) > Roland R-05 (@ 24/96) > 
Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (slight level boosts, editing, tracking, dither) > 
TLH (flac, level 8, sectors aligned) 
Björk: söngvari 
Max Weisel: electronics, programming, keyboards 
Manu Delagu: drums, percussion 
Zeena Parkins: harp 
Graduale Nobili: 20-member choir 
various custom built remote controlled instruments 
David Attenborough: announcements (pre-recorded) 

00. Biophilia Intro 
01. Thunderbolt 
02. Moon 
03. Crystalline 
04. Hollow 
05. Dark Matter 
06. Mouth's Cradle 
07. You've Been Flirting Again 
08. Isobel 
09. Virus 
10. Sacrifice 
11. Generous Palmstroke 
12. Pagan Poetry 
13. Mutual Core 
14. Cosmogony 
15. Solstice 
16. Crowd 
17. One Day 
18. Band Intro 
19. Náttúra 
20. Declare Independence 

Björk's Biophilia Live Show @ NY Hall of Science: 
February 3, 6, 9 (cancelled), 12, 15 & 18, 2012 
Sold out. 

Due to health issues, the February 9 Björk show is cancelled. 

In partnership with The Creators Project and the New York Hall of Science, 
Björk is bringing her live Biophilia show to NYSCI. 

The NYSCI shows have been set to Björk’s original Biophilia specifications, 
as audio-visual shows in an intimate setting with no audience member more 
than a few yards from the stage. All shows are performed in the round. 

The Great Hall is NYSCI's original building, which was designed by Harrison 
and Abramovitz Architects for the 1964/1965 World's Fair. With undulating blue 
Dalle de Verre glass and concrete walls, the building was designed to give the 
illusion of being in deep space. 

Biophilia premiered this past summer at the Manchester International Festival 
(MIF) in England in what The Wall St. Journal called a “magical evening,” 
followed by a sold out residency in Björk’s hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland. 
Initially commissioned by MIF, the intimate performance finds Björk accompanied 
by a set of unique musical instruments created by a team including an Icelandic 
organ builder and a graduate of the MIT Media Lab. Among these creations are four 
10-foot pendulum-harps, a MIDI-controlled pipe organ celeste re-fitted with bronze 
gamelan bars, and twin musical Tesla coils. The performance also features an 
award-winning 24-piece Icelandic female choir and visuals from the Biophilia Apps 
with app developer Max Weisel performing on stage alongside Björk and musicians 
Manu Delagu and Zeena Parkins. 

In addition to the live performance, Björk will collaborate with NYSCI on a 
three-week-long Biophilia education series. Featuring interactive science and 
music workshops for middle-school children, the series leads students on an 
intensive study of the scientific concepts at the core of Biophilia’s songs, 
including crystalline structures, lunar phases, viruses, and more. Students will 
also learn to use the Biophilia Apps as tools for music composition and delve 
into the study of how musicology relates to nature. 

The Creators Project will be presenting Biophilia, and supporting the development 
of the education program for the United States. An ongoing global arts and 
technology initiative, the Creators Project supports visionary artists, musicians, 
and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression. 
Content around the Biophilia project will be available at

re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
CD cover curtsy of benjicoq. some pictures curtsy of + flickr

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