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Björk - Live @ Le Cirque en Chantier, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France, February, 21st (21-02-2013) - [AAC-M4A]

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01. Óskasteinn 
02. Thunderbolt 
03. Moon 
04. Crystalline 
05. Hollow 
06. Dark Matter 
07. Hidden Place 
08. Mouth’s Cradle 
09. Virus 
10. Sacrifice 
11. Vertebrae by Vertebrae  
12. Where Is The Line_ 
13. Pagan Poetry 
14. Mutual Core 
15. Cosmogony 
16. Solstice
17. Possibly Maybe 
18. Náttúra 
19. Declare Independence
(Björk's First Time Touring Since Her Laser Throat Operation)
It is beautiful to hear Björk sing Declare Independence on Seguin Island battered by the winter winds. Call feverish be yourself, to hold high the flag (in the Icelandic, which is true for a free woman, is for Tibet), the song is extracted from Volta, beautiful musical work published in the form of an album in 2007. footbridge After a Renault 4 CV placed in a square case reminds the industrial past of the Ile Seguin, coveted by real estate promising and art lovers, but still uncultivated. "Do not let 'em Do That to you ... Make your own flag / Raise your flag", "higher higher", took the room that Björk did stand up for the finale of the concert, Thursday, Feb. 21.
Björk Biophilia presents the complex, an album, a concept, parallel and central creations (which differentiates it from concerts during the summer festival), including musical instruments totally "geek" whose Testa Coil which produces lightning, and the famous Reactable synthesizer, invented by the Catalans, synthesizer visual, interactive and intuitive.
Others are in the image of the artist: a marriage of ancestral codes, baroque (organ and harpsichord) and virtual, digital technologies, galactic. Similarly, it is a high tech digital tablet she could compose Nattura delivered in support of ecological struggle in Iceland and praising the strength of the irreducible Mother Nature (she had sung with Tom Yorke of Radiohead 2008 and the present here penultimate title). But has she said, "it is easy for me to connect the energy of nature with electronic sounds, because I'm Icelandic." And can help us to "work with nature."
The album was dense, sometimes daunting technological force contortions. On stage, it's something else. Created at the Manchester International Festival in June 2011, before publication of the album, Biophilia project has evolved since then, is pruned, lost in pretension, earned emotion. After Reykjavik, Buenos Aires and New York, defended here in its entirety in Boulogne-Billancourt, as the two-headed tent Circus Starts foreshadowing of the Cité des arts du cirque which should break ground in 2016 on the former estates manufacturer Renault automobile.
In the scenography of Björk, there is much talk of telluric forces, lava, volcanoes, separation and possible collisions of continents. The stage is circular, the place is magical, and singer confronts a free woman, strong, solitary, an audience granted to the quirks of his art, incomparable.
Alone, despite twenty-three Icelandic choir, the choir Graduale Nobili, an outstanding organist, harpsichordist and "gameleste" (a "heavenly gamelan") Jónas Sen, a fabulous drummer Manu Delago, an advanced programmer, Mark Weisel, and its inventor, Matt Roberson. Screens shamanic circles, giant clocks that mark circular time, and the wind may well blow out, we are in Björk, in a strange country where the voice is queen.
Very professional, Björk could not leave his community without earthly food: these are from his previous lives. Volta, therefore, but also Medulla (published in 2004, the album was a work of craftsmanship on the voice) of Vespertine (1997) or Post (1995).
Biophilia, the scenic concept that we loving, not the album that irritates us, and to measure the unity of the career of an artist as the excitement including Vespertine sometimes put in branding row. That even those who sing the praises of punk now consider a green post hippie who has struggled to heal his vocal cords (one nodule and cancellations tour in 2012) does not matter. Two hours Seguin island with Björk, two hours also uncertain, researchers, inventive, refocused.
source: World
The Icelandic artist Björk announced Thursday evening on the stage of Cirque en Chantier on Ile Seguin, his project "Biophilia" which explores the links between music, nature and technology, on the first Thursday evening of a residence Paris six concerts.
The singer released in 2011 "Biophilia" concept album in which each song evokes a scientific mechanism and related to human emotion. The ten songs, some located between minimalist electro and contemporary music, have all been the subject of an application on iPad which is both music creation tool and scientific activities for educational purposes.
The introduction of the "Biophilia" by naturalist David Attenborough (VO)
Six concerts and workshops for children 
since Björk takes his project worldwide, combining music and pedagogy at each step. Thus, in Paris, in addition to the other five concerts planned (24, 27 February and 2 March on Ile Seguin and 5 and 8 March at the Zenith in Paris), Björk has run workshops with children the School of Physics and Chemistry in Paris.
Cirque en Chantier, the concert opens, as the album with the voice of British naturalist David Attenborough, AFP reported. Above installed in the center of the tent circular stage, eight screens broadcast images to each song containing the themes of the album: the cycles of the moon, the movements of tectonic plates, DNA strands and constellations.
Pendulum harp and Icelandic choir 
Around the scene are installed instruments: organ and percussion, keyboards and i-pods, and a two-meter pendulum harp created by Björk and a Tesla coil in a Faraday cage that drops two times the ceiling and illuminates the big lightning.
Icelandic choir of twenty women occupies almost all the central space, forming small groups between which evolves Björk. Wearing a dress covered with glittering black pudding, a crazy wig red, green and red on the head, the singer filled the tent of his vocals. The scene comes alive when Björk launches more rhythmic songs like "Crystalline" and "Mutual Core", in which it is supported by the voices of the singers. Their choreography between rave and tribal dance, they give life to the concept of "Biophilia".
Rare tracks from his previous albums "Hidden Place", "Possibly Maybe" or "Pagan Poetry", which stand out for their melody, are the songs most warmly received by the public as "Declare Independence", a hymn to freedom that closes the concert fireworks.
source: culturebox
Concert event: journey to the center of Björk 
Icelandic singer gave Thursday evening the first of six events concerts in France, under a tent Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine).
L'Ile Seguin, Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine). A majestic white tent set on a hybrid swimming island on the Seine between past and present, ultra-modern buildings and still crazy. Björk could not find more appropriate place to host his latest craze, a series of events inspired concerts of his latest album "Biophilia", a sort of futuristic opera combines music, nature, the five elements and the media in which we sometimes lost.
In Paris, where he played six times *, the journey to the center of Björk begins at the entrance under the marquee, even before sitting in the stands. While a church organ gently welcomes us, we stop in front of strangers intrigued instruments, including the largest holding in both the wellbore and the pendulum, which are arranged on the central circular stage, topped by eight giant screens. But the lights went out quickly, and two women come on stage to ask that no photograph be taken not to break the mood - "you will find on our website tomorrow" - and to wish us a "nice experience" .
Choir and three musicians come quietly, Icelandic singer appears in thunderous applause with an Afro wig and multicolored almost as fascinating as her black ruffled dress pipe (where it snakes?) And probably inherited from the saga sci-fi "Dune." After an intro sung by the 22 singers, young Icelandic-like elves and voices of angels, she embarked together in a version of "Thunderbolt" boosted by a large Faraday cage which arc creates images and especially the sounds of a power to make jealous many metal bands.
The sound is excellent, very impressive. Björk, which intersects each as a "Thank you" or "Thank you" playful, review "Biophilia" in its entirety. We smiled when she dance in the middle of its singers unleashed during a "Crystalline" unbridled. It follows when she takes us to the moon "Moon" or when she plays "Dark matter" by changing the sounds on a shelf in front of her, it is taken to heart by "Cosmogony", the melodic top of his album. But you lose a little over three or four dry titles like "Hollow" or "Virus", where apart on giant screens showing images of cells or the planet, it does not happen much.
In these moments, it is the old classic - they distill sparingly, as colleagues Radiohead - which bring us into his magical world. Interpreted with the strength and grace of the female chorus, "Hidden's place" and "Pagan poetry" from the album "Vespertine" remind Björk knows how to compose melodies both demanding and popular. And how it does nothing like the others. When most artists outweigh water or beer on stage, the Icelandic drinks a funny dairy mixture into a plastic cup.
Carried by a voice of strength and freedom also unique viewers, many couples are in love. "It feels like being in another world, it carries us," summed Fanny and Eugenie, two Parisians too happy to see them finally singer. But it's recalls, after an hour and a half concert, that really happens clicked between the public and the singer returned with a dress with a glass of champagne and a lovely gray dress ruffled kinds of laminated shells.
When Björk moved to get up and, if the heart tells us, dancing without restraint, the effect is immediate. "Possibly maybe," the oldest song of the show, after his first album ("Post", 1995), results from these some incredible dance Saint Vitus, as "Nattura", his latest ode to the planet very rhythmic, and "Declare independence", where 1200 spectators suddenly enlightened, singer and choir will meet screaming "Higher, higher '-" higher, higher "- and holding out his arms in joyful communion . This is the best time of travel. But unfortunately the last.
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