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Björk - Live @ Alexandra Palace, London, England, UK, September, 03rd (03-09-2013) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - Setlist:
01. Óskasteinar 
02. Thunderbolt 
03. Moon 
04. Crystalline 
05. Hollow 
06. Dark Matter 
07. Hidden Place 
08. Mouth’s Cradle 
09. Isobel 
10. Virus 
11a. Sonnets / Unrealities XI (Problems Micophone) 
11b. Sonnets / Unrealities XI 
12. Possibly Maybe 
13. Where Is The Line_ 
14. Mutual Core 
15a. Cosmogony (Technical Problems) 
Break (20 min) 
15b. Cosmogony 
16. Solstice 
1st Encore: 
17a. Sacrifice (Technical Problems) 
17b. Sacrifice 
2nd Encore: 
18. One Day 
19. Nátturá 
20. Declare Independence 
re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
[...] From the astral vocals and twinkling harp of "Moon" to "Hidden Place", which sounds like the sweeping majesty of the forest, the set covers all corners of the universe, guided by hypnotic visuals of galaxies, bugs and cells. The truly remarkable thing is how it loops these wide-ranging themes into human experience, as with "Virus", which tells the story of a virus loving a cell so much that it attacks and kills it. [...] 
The Independent (lire la suite)
[...] Premiered at the Manchester International Festival two years ago, Björk’s Biophilia show about the world has been around the world before finally landing in London for its last outing. “We’re a bit mushy and emotional,” said the singer from beneath a huge candyfloss wig and a dress made of sparkles and bumps. [...] 
London Evening Standard (lire la suite)
[...] But with such innovation comes technical hitches. The night is being filmed for posterity, and Bjork is keen for "everything to be right", which means singing some songs twice and, at one point, leaving the stage entirely while a glitch is fixed. [...] 
The Guardian (lire la suite)
[...] Björk’s vocal performance was faultless : the textured leaps and growls she is known for were captivating. With the choir’s aid, some of Biophilia’s tracks stood up well against her earlier crowd-pleasers. The joyously dubby breakdown of Crystalline marked it as a worthy successor to 1995 belter Army of Me. The thought-provoking love song Virus was as sensational as Sonnets/Unrealities, whose unaccompanied ee cummings lyrics were heartbreakingly tender. [...] 
The Telegraph (lire la suite) Björk, 2013-09-03, Alexandra Palace, London, UK

Biophilia Live - (in the round),
Alexandra Palace,
3rd September 2013

Equipment; SP-CMC-25 mics, SP-SPSB-11 power pack (no bass roll off), PCM-M10
Lineage; WAV (24-bit, 48 KHz), Wavelab LE 7, level boosts in parts, resample to 16-bit, 44.1 KHz, FLAC
Location; Block E, Row L

Intermission break due to technical difficulties

Please Note; On the return from the intermission break Cosmogony was played again which I missed due nicotine addiction!
CD covers curtsy of benjicoq. pictures
re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

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