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Björk - Live @ Lyon Théâtre Antique de, Fourvière, France, June, 30th (30-06-2012) - [AAC-M4A]

 AAC-M4A download link: - - Setlist: 00. Solar Winds
01. Cosmogony 
02. Hunter 
03. Thunderbolt 
04. Moon 
05. Hidden Place 
06. Crystalline 
07. Virus 
08. All is Full of Love 
09. Heirloom 
10. Jóga 
11. Hollow  
12. Pagan Poetry 
13. Pluto 
14. Mutual Core 
15. Náttúra Reminder 16. One Day 17. Declare Independence 
CD cover curtsy of benjicoq. pictures curtsy of
re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
Icelandic singer Björk intoxicates the Roman theater of Fourvière Lyon 
(...) Touched by the recent discovery of a lump in her throat, the icelandic/nordic singer of 47 years was forced to cancel several European dates "Biophilia Tour". At his request, his Lyon concert had also been advanced one hour to "protect his voice cool nights." Yet on the scene, the voice remains intact and as pure in his first albums, oscillating between rage and cries and whispers peace. In a well-oiled show with fireworks and videos to mushrooms, forest or lightning sometimes spoiling the purity of texts, the frail singer was even offered the luxury of jumping from one end to the another scene, up to remove his dancing shoes to better compensated. (...) The (AFP)
Nuits de Fourvière, last night the world according to Björk. 
(...) Björk played extensive excerpts from his latest album, the "Thunderbolt" to "Crytalline" but it also plays "Hidden Place", the single from " Vespertine "and some older titles. Sleek versions, set abyss, driven by the elegiac choruses and catchy rhythms. And inhabited mostly by the so evocative voice of Björk, between candor and arrogance, power and authority. First a little taken aback, public Fourvière finally entered the world ... The Progress
Björk captivates Fourvière 
(...) And that Björk could never see Fourvière. By the admission of the Director of Fourvière Nights Dominique Delorme, he came to Lyon is the result of several years of work with teams. A long-term approach which was finalized for the 19th edition of the Nights. "With Björk, everything is decided over a beer," confided Delorme in March in an interview broadcast on Jazz Radio. (...)
An unforgettable night with Björk Fourvière 
(...) The voice of the singer is getting stronger, tone prevails and inspires emotion, jerky images mesmerizing. From the earliest pieces the steps are conquered. Sometimes screens éteigent and bring the eye to this amazing blue elf, played by his music, shaken by the rhythm, as accomplice, a smile, with the public. Sometimes staging is powerful, real lightning raged above the stage, fireworks bursts at the bottom time a homage to the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Bjork and singers stir invite trance, dance, the atmosphere is electric. Old old tubes surround the crowd: "Joga", "All is full of love" ... (...)

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