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Björk - Live @ Le Cirque en Chantier, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France, February, 24th (24-02-2013) - [AAC-M4A]

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01. Óskasteinar 
02. Thunderbolt 
03. Moon 
04. Crystalline 
05. Hollow 
06. Dark Matter 
07. Mouth's Cradle 
08. Isobel 
09. Virus 
10. Sacrifice 
11. Vertebrae By Vertebrae  
12. Mutual Core 
13. Cosmogony 
14. Solstice  
15. Possibly Maybe
16. Náttúra
17. Declare Independence
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Review: Last night, Sunday, February 24, 2013, Björk began the second day of his Parisian residence in Circus Site, located on the Ile Seguin. Visual and sound experience built around Biophilia, her last album to date. Having already played his album "Biophilia" at Arenes de Nimes, and the Nuits de Fourvière during the summer of 2012, Björk has finally arrived in the capital for a residence of six including two dates at the Zenith in Paris and four others circus Site.
Last night, Sunday, February 24, 2013, the Icelandic fairy gave his second concert in Paris before an audience of fans happy to find a tent and 1,400 seats packed. For this show, viewers are warned: Biophilia tour is a real concept, built around the latest installment of the singer, but also a unique and exceptional visual and audio experience. Just take a look at the main stage, which are arranged various instruments such as a drum or a Reactable synthesizer. But there is also the most amazing objects like this amazing "Tesla Coil" - understand Tesla coil - (electrical machine operating under AC high frequency), used as an instrument and midi controlled from the keyboard of one of musicians. But this is not all, multiple screens, broadcasting videos created especially for the show, and in line with the nature and titles Biophilia are also hanging around the scene. You've probably figured out, but this Parisian residence, Björk has chosen to interpret the entirety of his latest opus.
Result? This tour Biophilia is a real gem thanks to the presence of the choir Graduale Nobili, composed of twenty-three Icelandic choir. It is these young singers who open the ball, at 19h, on a track called "Oskasteinn." Then Björk appeared on "Thunderbolt". With his red mane and natural but still futuristic suit, the singer takes us immediately with his voice, the musical arrangements and the famous Tesla coil that makes sparks. This central scene, scenography its importance and the singer did not hesitate to wander from side to side and sneak between his singers. Very talkative, Björk is still trying to pronounce French and so some thanks in the language of Molière.
The artist and his excellent musicians - Jónas Sen organist and harpsichord player, Manu Delago and drummer Mark Weisel, programmer - rather easily linked together the pieces. After "Moon" and the excellent "Crystalline", on which the Icelandic fairy still reveals a little more, viewers are entitled to "Sacrifice", "Virus" and "Cosmogony", all three masterfully interpreted. But the artist does not even forget all about his previous success and can help resume "Mouth's Cradle" extract "Medulla", but also "Isobel" and "Possibly Maybe" from "Post" or "Vertebrae by Vertebrae" and "Declare Independence" from the album "Volta".
The finale is on the last two titles recall where Björk asking the public to stand up and accompany him on "Nattura" and Declare Independence. " Two more electro tracks and the previous blasting, putting the assembly and singers in a single state of trance back in the tent. Show, travel, magic ... Björk has certainly managed to transport us for a set of about 1:30 and we showed that at 47 years, the artist is still and always with his beautiful and powerful voice!

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