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Björk - Live @ Echo Beach, Canada, Toronto, USA, 16th July, (16-07-2013) (Incomplete Youtube Rip's) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - Setlist: 
01. Cosmogony (Missing)
02. Hunter *
03. Thunderbolt * (Incomplete)
04. Moon (Missing)
05. Crystalline * (Incomplete)
06. Hidden Place * (Incomplete)
07. Heirloom *
08. One Day *
09. Jóga * 
10. Pagan Poetry * (Incomplete)
11. Army Of Me *
12. Mutual Core (Missing)
13. Hyperballad * (LFO-Freak) 
14. Pluto * (Incomplete)
15. Nátturá * (Incomplete) 
16. Declare Independence * + Björk Pays Tribute To Trayvon Martin *

Arriving onstage at sunset in a frizzy red shock-wig and sparkly blue cocktail dress, Björk and her pseudo-minimalist coterie of accompanists — gadgets whiz/musical director Matt Robertson, ridiculously deft electro-acoustic percussionist Manu Delago, an energetic, 14-piece choir of Icelandic females and a gigantic, caged Tesla coil that would occasionally drop from the rafters to spark and buzz terrifying low-end emanations across what’s left of Ontario Place — seduced most of the 5,000-ish crowd into attentive silence with a spooky, ambient-choral version of Biophilia’s “Cosmogony” set to some fittingly cosmic, animated video reels well before the tune’s eruptive coda-clatter of martial percussion shut down even the yakkers at the back.
"This Song I Had To Dedocate To Trayvon Martin"

the icelandic/nordic pop warrior  wore a completely new sparkly blue cocktail dress!
"we have to document these tours"
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