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Björk - Live @ Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain, July, 25th (07-15-2007) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - CD cover curtsy iof benjicoq, - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [superiour björklossless sound] by info:

Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso
Segovia Spain

Church Audio Cardiod Mics > Edirol R-09 > wav  >
Soundforge* > CDWave > Flac Frontend > flac

Soundforge was used to balance and boost levels,
edit one left channel burst of digital noise, and
perform some slight EQ to deepen the low end and
sharpen the high end.  These were really fairly
minor cosmetic adjustments to an otherwise
outstanding recording of one of the more interesting
sets of Bjork's 2007 tour.

Recorded by Icelandnme
Edited by danlynch 2007-07-19
re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [superiour björklossless sound] by
A Bjork Hub Production:

01  Síðasta Ég *
02  Aurora
03  Unison
04  Hunter
05  All Is Full Of Love
06  The Pleasure Is All Mine
07  Pagan Poetry
08  Jóga
09  Earth Intruders
10  Army Of Me
11  Innocence
12  Unravel
13  Wanderlust
14  Bachelorette
15  Hyperballad
16  Pluto
17  [Encore Break]
18  [Band Introductions]
19  Declare Independence

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