Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Björk - Live @ The Civic Hall, North Street, Wolverhampton, Friday, 25th April, (25-04-2008) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link:[2008]_@_Civic_Hall,_North_Street,_Wolverhampton,_Friday,_25th_April,_(25-04-2008)_[ACC-M4A].rar - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [crappy very poor björklossless sound] by - info: (note: very poor crappy tinny sound) (recoded by me the administrator @ sorry but i used a very crappy sony ericsson k800i to record live audio) i attended this concert in 2008 i was seated way back on the top balcony middle, the concert inself was very epic, the icelandic nordic pop warrior was great in volcal range, very high octaves!! she hit every note, she wore a yellow volta dress, + silver leggings! and green/black/white/yellow forehead make-up! the icelandic wonnerbass was great too standing at the stage edge waveing there hands + flags at the crowed like saying "COME ON!!" great show...Setlist: 01. Brennið Þið Vitar 
02. Earth Intruders
03. Hunter
04. Pagan Poetry
05. Unravel
06. The Pleasure Is All Mine
07. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
08. Where Is The Line_
09. Jóga
10. Desired Constellation
11. Army Of Me
12. I Miss You
13. Triumph Of A Heart
14. Vökuró
15. Wanderlust
16. Hyperballad
17. Pluto
18. Oceania
19. Declare Independence

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