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Sykurmolarnir - 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert Live @ Laugardalshöll, Reykjavík, Iceland, (17-11-2006) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - Sykurmolarnir:
20th Anniversary Reunion Concert @ Laugardalshöll, Reykjavík, Iceland, 


01. Traitor (Icelandic) 
02. Leash Called Love 
03. Deus (Icelandic) 
04. Water (Icelandic) 
05. Bee (Icelandic) 
06. Planet 
07. Shoot Him (Icelandic) 
08. Walkabout 
09. Mama 
10. Pump (Icelandic) 
11. Regina (Icelandic) 
12. A Day Called Zero 
13. Ammæli
14. Coldsweat 
15. Blue Eyed Pop 
16. Motorcrash 
17. Delicious Demon 
18. Hit 
19. Fucking in Rhythm & Sorrow 
20. Luftgitar

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please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

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Björk - Vessel An Evening @ The Royalty Theatre, London, England, UK, (1994) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - Vessel is the first VHS released by Björk on September 5, 1994. It contains a live performance by Björk on the Debut tour, recorded live at the The Royalty Theatre in London in May 1994. The concert is interspersed by short interviews with Björk on the streets of London, including her singing an improvisation to the sound of a car alarm and her thoughts on moving from Reykjavík to London. The track "Atlantic" is a live version of a B-side that was released only on the cassette single of "Human Behaviour" and Japanese pressings of Debut. The short improvisation sung by Björk and her tour band at the start of the DVD is "Gail Biffen", an early (unreleased) version of the track "I Miss You". The 1994 VHS release was re-released on DVD on January 13, 2003. The video was also released on LaserDisc in Japan on May 10th, 1994, a US release was announced but later canceled.

re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
injoy this one fokes, immigrants united !!
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dirty Projectors + Björk - Live @ The Housing Works Bookstore Café, 126 Crosby Street, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA, NY, (05-08-2009) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - event pictures links: - - - Setlist: 01. Temecula Sunrise 
02. Cannibal Resource 
03. No Intention 
04. Horizontal Remade 
05. Introducing Björk + Ever Onward * (Ft. Björk)
06. Until The Day I Die 
07. Shineing Orb/Singing Through A Tinted Window * (Ft. Björk)
08. Mother Orb 
09. No Embrace 
10. All We Are * (Ft. Björk) - event info: Bjork and Dirty Projectors have scheduled a teeny tiny show (300 capacity!) to benefit Housing Works on Friday, May 8th, at 8PM at Housing Works Bookstore & Café (126 Crosby Street) in Manhattan. After 4/1, "physical tickets will be available at the Housing Works bookstore on Crosby Street as well as a couple Brooklyn locations TBA", but a limited number of tickets are available online NOW. Go-go-go-go-go! 

In addition to the show being super special... the performances in particular will be pretty special as well: 

In a brand new collaboration, Björk will perform music composed for her by David Longstreth. The suite, written for five voices, will pair Björk with Longstreth and Projectors' Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, and Haley Dekle. The band will also perform material from Dirty Projectors' oeuvre, using only voices and one acoustic guitar. There will be two openers, Kurt Weisman chosen by Longstreth and Ólöf Arnalds chosen by Björk. -[Stereogum]
Housing Works is a great cause, and you can't f'n beat a pairing as special as THAT in a venue of that size.

Housing Works is committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. We believe that all people have the right to a rich and empowering life. Since 1990, we have provided the highest quality services for homeless men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS in New York City and beyond. -[HousingWorks]
Bjork and The Dirty Projectors
Friday, May 8 , 2009 at 11:00pm 

In a never before seen or heard collaboration with The Dirty Projectors, Björk will perform a suite of new music composed for her by David Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors. The suite, written for five voices, will pair Björk with the Projectors (*Dave Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian*, and Haley Dekle). 

In 2008, the Dirty Projectors covered Björk’s “Hyperballad” for a Stereogum tribute CD, a track-by-track covers project that also includes Liars, No Age, High Places, and members of Grizzly Bear, among others. Housing Works Board Member and Stereogum Senior Writer Brandon Stosuy, who knew of Björk and David Longstreth’s admiration for each other’s work, approached the artists about performing together at Housing Works. It is their first collaboration.

With two opening acts selected by Bjork and The Dirty Projectors: Ólöf Arnalds and Kurt Weisman - made + re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Björk - Gætum Garðsins! (Let's Protect The Park) Live @ Stopp - Harpa, Reykjavík, Iceland, (18-03-2014) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - event info + pictures links: - - - - live @ Stopp - Gætum Garðsins! (Let's Protect The Park)
Harpa, Reykjavík, Iceland
re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
note: cd cover's curtsy of  faber, + benjicoq, WAVE audio curtsy of glutar, Setlist: 01. Jóga
02. Sonnets
03. Mutual Core

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Björk Guðmundsdóttir, - Gling-Gló - Live @ The Hotel Börg, Reykjavík, Iceland, 30th August, (30-08-1990) (Soundboard Master) (Not.FM) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: -[1990]_@_Hotel_Borg,_Reykjavik,_Iceland,_(8-30-1990)_(Soundboard_Master)_(Not.FM)_[AAC-M4A].rar - info: Björk/Gling Glo
Hotel Borg
Reykjavik, Iceland
"icelandic jazz with björk"
Soundboard Cassette Master > CDRx1 > EAC > wav >
flac frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Wow!!  This is perhaps the best live recording of björk's pre-solo career.
This recording is taken directly from the soundboard master, and although
the volume is hot in the first 6 tracks, its a stunning quality recording.

Additionally, this recording contains the complete performance, which includes
an uncut "My Funny Valentine" as well as two songs that were not part of the
FM broadcast, and have never been circulated before ("Kata" and "Tondeleyo").
Finally, this recording is in the proper sequence, as apparently the fm recording
had switched the order of songs.

Thanks Anonymous!

A Bjork Hub Production:
re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by

01.  Introduction
02.  Pabbi Minn
03.  Gling Gló
04.  Misty
05.  Í Dansi Með þér
06.  My Funny Valentine
07.  Bella Símamaer
08.  Litli Tónlistarmaðurinn
09.  Ástatröfrar
10.  I Fall In Love Too Easily
11.  Luktar-Gvendur
12.  You Don't Know What Love Is
13.  Cry Me A River
14.  Can't Help Loving That Man
15.  Brestir Og Brak
16.  Ruby Baby
17.  Kata Rokkar
18.  Unknown?
19.  Tondeleyo

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Back To The 80's: Working/Farming In The Field Before She Was Famous The Facts: (1984)


björk, childhood nickname 'bapsi' as a child. she attended the barnamúsikskóli, in reykjavík, iceland, from the age of five. her recording career began in 1977 at the age of 11 while studying piano and flute at music school. before björk, was famous she worked odd jobs at an antiques shop, a bookstore, a vinyl record store, a coca-cola bottling plant, where her job was to check for cleanliness, and she worked on a farm around christmas time in 1984 plus a fish factory during the easter break in 1984. and in her early punk band 'spit & snot' she was a drummer, and she had no eyebrows and had orange hair. -

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Björk - Live @ The Civic Hall, North Street, Wolverhampton, Friday, 25th April, (25-04-2008) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link:[2008]_@_Civic_Hall,_North_Street,_Wolverhampton,_Friday,_25th_April,_(25-04-2008)_[ACC-M4A].rar - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [crappy very poor björklossless sound] by - info: (note: very poor crappy tinny sound) (recoded by me the administrator @ sorry but i used a very crappy sony ericsson k800i to record live audio) i attended this concert in 2008 i was seated way back on the top balcony middle, the concert inself was very epic, the icelandic nordic pop warrior was great in volcal range, very high octaves!! she hit every note, she wore a yellow volta dress, + silver leggings! and green/black/white/yellow forehead make-up! the icelandic wonnerbass was great too standing at the stage edge waveing there hands + flags at the crowed like saying "COME ON!!" great show...Setlist: 01. Brennið Þið Vitar 
02. Earth Intruders
03. Hunter
04. Pagan Poetry
05. Unravel
06. The Pleasure Is All Mine
07. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
08. Where Is The Line_
09. Jóga
10. Desired Constellation
11. Army Of Me
12. I Miss You
13. Triumph Of A Heart
14. Vökuró
15. Wanderlust
16. Hyperballad
17. Pluto
18. Oceania
19. Declare Independence

Björk - Live @ United Palace Theatre, Broadway, 175th Street, New York, USA, Saturday, May, 5th (05-05-2007) (Remastered Federico) [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - remastered audio curtsy of  federico + CD covers curtsty of benjicoq, - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [superiour björklossless sound] by info: Björk
United Palace Theatre
New York, USA

Soundboard recording [federico REMASTERED]

01 Cover Me
02 Earth Intruders
03 Hunter
04 Immature
05 The Dull Flame Of Desire
06 Oceania
07 I See Who You Are
08 Pleasure Is All Mine
09 Pagan Poetry
10 Bachelorette
11 Army Of Me
12 Innocence
13 Wanderlust
14 Hyperballad
15 Pluto
16 Declare Independence

Louder, brighter, punchier, Guðmundsdóttir 
I also put the backstage interviews with Damian and the Wonderbrass as a bonus.

Björk - Live @ Sonofilia International Music Festival, Huentitán Canyon, Guadalajara, México, December, 8th (08-12-2007) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link: - - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - CD covers curtsy of benjcoq, - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [superiour björklossless sound] by - ¡Viva la Revolución! - Setlist: 01. Brennið Þið Vitar
02. Anchor Song
03. Immature
04. Aurora
05. All Is Full Of Love
06. Earth Intruders
07. Who Is It?
08. Hunter
09. The Pleasure Is All Mine
10. Pagan Poetry
11. Desired Constellation
12. Army Of Me
13. Innocence
14. Wanderlust
15. Mother Heroic
16. Hyperballad
17. Pluto
18. Declare Independence

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Björk - Live @ Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, Madrid, Spain, July, 18th (07-18-2007) - [AAC-M4A]

AAC-M4A download link:[2007]_@_Plaza_de_Toros_de_Las_Ventas,_Madrid,_Spain,_July,_18th_(07-18-2007)_[AAC-M4A].rar - CD cover curtsy of benjicoq, - - info setlist + tour pictures link: - - note: re-encoded to [AAC-M4A] [superiour björklossless sound] by info: Björk
Plaza de Toros de las Ventas
Madrid Spain

Sony Unidirectional Stereo ECM-719 mic > Sony Hi-Minidisc MZ-RH 1 > wav  > Sony Cd Arquitect editing and tracking > Flac Frontend > flac

Recorded by Berenjenas de colores and renhoek
Edited by berenjenas de colores 2007-07-19


The people was very excited, and it´s imposible to ask for some except party. Sorry for the espontaneous chorists. Enjoy!

A Bjork Hub Production:

CD 1

01.  Earth Intruders
02.  Hunter
03.  Hidden Place
04.  Pagan Poetry
05.  Aeroplane
06.  The pleasure is all mine
07.  Joga
08.  Immature
09.  Army of me
10.  Inocence
11.  I miss you
12.  Wanderlust

CD 2

01.  Mother Heroic
02.  Bachelorette
03.  Hyperballad
04.  Pluto
05.  [encore break]
06.  [band introductions and thanks to Spain]
07.  Oceania
08.  Declare Independence
09.  Reactable solo (they all go out and the reactable continues the concert by it self)